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Welcome to the 28-Days of Fitness our 4-Week Focus and Accountability Program to keep you motoring strong and in charge of your health.  This program will run from April 20th to May 17th. 
In this program we are working for social engagement and collaboration within our fit community.  Adopting the habits that will build and maintain our immune system and sanity and have a little fun along the way.

It is less about the scale and more about empowerment, self confidence and “personal power.”  In fact the true power of the program comes from your physical and mental health being improved, lowering stress, gaining confidence and having those positive feelings overflow into daily life aka: Non-scale victories.

Below are your Support Documents for the 28-Days of Fitness Program. 

Helpful Links - Accountability & Support

Set up and schedule a one on one coaching call to review mindset, goals, nutrition etc.

Set up and schedule a group Live Discussion, The Blue Button is the Meeting Link use at time of session.

Helpful Links - Workouts & Training Sessions

Review the Virtual Training Session Times, Use The Blue Button is the Meeting Link use at time of session.

The Zoom Meeting ID is: 271 153 0657

The Zoom Meeting PW is:  1234

Access Local Recorded Sessions, Once Registered, bookmark the link for easy access.

Need more Variety? Grab these BODY WEIGHT SESSIONS & YOGA recorded by other Fit Body Boot Camps. Use the Red Button to Register.  Once Registered, use the Blue Button to Access (recommend bookmarking the page as it will update.

If you would like credit for the sessions done at home, Click This link and complete the form.  Do this after each session.

Rules & Winners

  1. Print out Your tracking sheet 

  2. Every time you complete the daily challenge, you mark your tracking sheet completed.

  3. By end of day Sunday, you must post a photo of your completed tracking sheet under our coaches post in our Facebook Members group to be entered to win the weekly prize.

  4. In order for you to qualify: you must complete 5 out of the 7 daily challenges for that week.

  5. We will pick 1 weekly winner via Facebook Live in the members group on Monday at 10am for the previous week entries.

  6. We will be gifting a Tru Lean Supplement (www.befitsouthshore.com) to the winner!

Week 1:  Hydration


Week 2:  Clean Eating Week

Phase 1


Week 3: Gratitude Week

Phase 1


Week 4:  Peak Week

Phase 1

Week 5:  Self Care