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30-Minutes Can Change Your Life

There was a time not too long ago when I found myself 40 pounds over weight like Janelle.  I was a good person, generally happy, with a great family life and career.

What I wasn't, was in charge of ME.  I'd let the physical element of my life go by the wayside and I was paying the price in terms of poor health.  High blood pressure and cholesterol, plus I couldn't sleep or move well.

I needed a change and found it in the form of 30-minute training sessions and eating health(ier).  With a growing family and demanding career, I didn't have a ton of time to dedicate to this.  

It was through my own weight loss journey that I found a simple way to lose those 40 pounds (and keep them off) by working out 3-4 times per week & eating delicious foods without counting calories or feeling deprived.

I of course am now a health coach for busy women and am on a mission to uncover the lies the weight-loss industry is telling us. When you join the Fit in 30 Jumpstart, I will let you in on the research, practical steps, healthy foods and simple habits that are working RIGHT NOW for busy women to lose weight and thrive in their bodies.

The Fit In 30 Jump Start program helps you to Eliminate Sugar Cravings, Decrease Bloating, and Thrive In Your Body.  I encourage you to start the program this fall if you want to feel more energy, take pictures and love yourself in them, look good naked, wear cute clothes, & have more confidence to take on the world.

DO NOT MISS IT, this program is a game-changer.

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~ Coach Leon


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