6 DAY FAT BLASTER | ssfbbc

Start you fitness program off on the right track, or give yourself a quick 1-week slim-down anytime, with this 6-Day Fat Burning Express plan.  


In just 6-days, you can lose pounds and inches and help jump start your fitness and weight loss plan.

What Is The Plan?

The 6-Day Fat Burning Express consists of 6 disciplined days of "clean" eating in combination with your Boot Camp Sessions here at South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp.  The plan is high protein and low carb, aimed at getting your metabolism revved up.  


Keep in mind that we don't recommend a diet like this for long-term health.  You are better off eating more complex carbohydrates and fruit, your body's preferred fuel sources.  For 6-Days, however, this plan will force your body to use stored body fat for fuel at the same time it ramps up your metabolism.

What do I Do?

It's simple.  for 6-Days, you will eat the foods outlined in this guide and do the Boot Camp Workouts. In 6 quick days, you will have a whole new outlook on your ability to take control!  (And you may have burned off some significant pounds and inches).  

  • Make sure you eat your dinner at least 3-hours before going to bed.

  • Jot down your measurements on the tracker before you begin and again after day 6.  

  • Do your measurement and weigh in at the same time of day for consistency.

What do I drink?

  • Water is best!  Drink at least 8 glasses per day.  One rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces.  So a 200 pound person would target 100 ounces of water/day.

  • Herbal Tea is recommended

  • Coffee is OK with breakfast, but skip the milk, creamer and sweetners; enjoy the beverage unadorned.

  • Avoid alcohol, sports drinks, juices and sodas (including diet)



During this first week you will want to target 3-4 30-minute Boot Camp Sessions over the 7-Day period.  


Your results will depends on the efforts you put forth, so give it all you have got.  Workout in the morning or evening, which ever is best for you. You can view the session times by  CLICKING  HERE


That being said please review -->>

WARNING:  Consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any exercise program or using any supplement or meal replacement program, especially if pregnant, breast feeding, providing to a child, or if you have any other unique or special needs or restrictions.

The Tips and Tricks

  1. Tracking: Log your food and track your exercise plan using the Follow Along Success Tracker provided to hold yourself accountable.

  2. Meal Frequency: Eat every 3 to 4 hours up until 2 hours prior to bed, unless you are intermittent fasting. Note: Please follow your doctor’s recommendations if you have specific dietary requirements i.e.: Diabetics should eat upon rising and prior to bed.

  3. Portion Control: Limit to "fist-sized" portions for carbs and palm-sized portions for proteins. Friendly fats should be about 1 tablespoon or the size of the end of your thumb. Don't force in meals when you’re not hungry or stuff yourself, unless it’s your cheat day.

  4. Post Workout Nutrition: On days where you do boot camp training (total body resistance/sprint training) make sure you consume a starch and/or fruit with protein 60-90 minutes after training.Post Workout Nutrition: On days where you are not in boot camp or doing cardio exercises LIMIT intake of starches, sugars, and fruits to increase fat burning.

  5. Cheat Meals: If you really want to see fast results limit yourself to 3 cheat meals per week or a cheat day. It’s recommended to do this on the weekend. This will work in combination with your Boot Camp Training to increase insulin and leptin sensitivity, while sparking your thyroid and metabolic rate.

  6. Diet and Exercise Planning: Prepare your meals and foods for the week ahead of time. Every night before bed take 15 minutes to plan out your diet and exercise for the next day. If you fail to plan… you’re planning to fail

  7. Combinations: Follow your Meal Types for each day and try to use only the foods from the healthy choices food lists below. NEVER eat starches, sugars, or overly ripe fruits by themselves if your goal is to lose belly fat or tone up. Always combine them with a complete animal protein.

  8. Vegetables: Cruciferous veggies can be added to any meal at any time. Try to consume at least 3 to 4 servings per day.

  9. Water: Drink your minimum water amount per day (Women 70 - 80 oz; Men 100 - 128 oz per day.)

  10. Off Limits: No protein bars or low carb fake diet foods. Also beware of hidden sugars and carbs from condiments and sauces. Stick with mustard, salsas, low carb hot sauces, and low sodium gluten free soy sauce.

  11. Alcohol: Limit alcohol to weekends. It’s recommend that you don’t drink for the first 2 weeks. But if you decide to indulge small amounts of red wine are best. Beware of hidden sugars from mixers or flavored liquors and limit beer intake.

The Plan:

Some points to note and remember: - We are dropping Carbs for this kick start


You can spread your intake of your daily food across the course of the day as you would like to.


Do not worry about timing, just eat your meals when you wish.


Preparing in advance will allow you to eat the meals you enjoy.


Use the Nutrition Guide (see below) to create your meals on your daily log.  Also note on the log, the method of cooking for your meal. For instance, whether you will be using a slow cooker, BBQ, grilling, or baking.


Women (daily):

3-4 Palms/Servings of Protein

6-10 Handfuls/Cups of Vegetables

1-2 Cupped Hands of Carbs

3 Thumbs of Fat


Men (daily):

5-8 Palms/Servings of Protein

6-10 Handfuls/Cups of Vegetables

1-2 Cupped Hands of Carbs

3 Thumbs of Fat    


Your Daily Check List

  • Did I warm up for at least 5-minutes prior to my work out?  Yes  /   No

  • Did I eat at least 3-4 balance meals with cruciferous veggies?  Yes  /   No

  • Did I eat a high quality protein with every meal?  Yes  /   No

  • Did I drink at least 50% of my body weight in ounces of water?  Yes  /   No

  • Did I eat a starch and piece of fruit after my boot camp workout? Yes  /   No

  • Did I avoid starches, sugars, and overly ripe fruit on non-workout days? Yes  /   No