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Attention Men and Women of the South Shore!!
We are now accepting applicants for our next 6-week Drop 2 Sizes Challenge. 
This is our most hands on and effective program opportunity yet. 
And the Best Part......
When you Make the Change Happen - and
commit to the full 6-weeks, It is FREE*
My all new 6-week Body Transformation Program is now open and will officially start on Monday March 26th!  Because of the tremendous amount of support built into this program, we will only be accepting a small number of applicants who are committed to dropping at least 2 dress or pant sizes over the next 6-weeks quickly and permanently.
So Get Ready to Feel Confident at the Beach this Summer!
* When you complete the challenge you will have the opportunity to earn 1, 2 or even 3-months of additional training absolutely free.    
Making the Challenge 100% FREE and one where EVERYONE who puts in the work can WIN!

As Part Of The Fit Body Family You’ll Discover The Secret Formula That Has Allowed South Shore Men and Women To Easily Slide Back Into Their Favorite Clothes, Look Great In Family Photos And Be The Envy Of All Their Friends Simply By Using Our “Afterburn” Techniques Faster Than Average Training Programs.

What is the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge

and What is Included?

The Drop 2 Sizes Challenge is an Accountability, Nutrition and Fitness Program designed specifically to help our clients transform their bodies.  We will focus on habits and skills necessary to build practices that not only Transform your body, but Transform your Life.

6-Weeks of Unlimited Training Sessions

With our certified coaches at our private training studio in Rockland.  Specialized workouts designed to melt belly fat, using our After-burn training program, and build muscle tone at the same time!

Our Exclusive D2S 40-Page Success Journal

Nutrition and Support Guide plus logging to keep you on track.