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Are You Over 50 And Want To Change Your Lifestyle?

Nervous About Joining a Gym?

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Introducing The Fit Body Forever Special Small Group Personal Training Program
We offer a 21-Day Trial for our Fitness Program Designed For Adults 57+ Years Old 
Who Want Greater Health, Better Physical Function, And To Stay Fit And Active For The Long Haul.

Features small group personal training, goal setting, weekly accountability and nutritional support. All to make sure you succeed at getting results, improving your functional movement, balance and strength!

If you can answer yes to these questions then we highly encourage you to sign up for a FREE Information meeting and
see how Fit Body Forever can help you.
If we are able to reach all your goals and much more:
☀️  Do you believe that improving your fitness level and nutrition starting today will help you live a better and more fulfilled life over the next 5 - 10 - 20+ years???
☀️  Do you live within 20-minutes of the Rockland/Abington Town Line?
☀️  Are you interested in a complete fitness solution and not just another "walking program"?  One that is focused on improving your health and wellness through Fitness, Nutrition and Support in a friendly and inviting private studio setting?
☀️  Can you do two or three 30-minute sessions each week in a small group setting led by a Functional Aging Specialist?
☀️  The Trial runs $89; on-going training will run around $15-$20 per session.  Does this fit into your budget?
☀️  Are you able to attend sessions at 8AM Mon, Tue, Thr OR  10:30AM Mon, Tue, Thr
☀️ Are you comfortable with our money back guarantee with the trial?  If you find that you are not able to do the program or feel that it isn't a benefit to you we will refund your full purchase cost (ask for details).
☀️  Are you excited about the possibility of losing weight, moving better, improving your energy, strength, balance and center of gravity control?

If you answered yes to most or all of those questions then we highly recommend you come check us out.  Our Private Studio is clean and accommodating.  Our trainers are all Functional Aging Specialists who have been specifically trained to understand the needs and expectations of training with a focus on Functional and Quality Movement.

Here is what you get in the 21-Day Trial:
☑️ Small Group Training over a 3-week period ($120 value) 

Two group personal training sessions (3-8 people) per week over a three week period.  We currently offer 6 sessions per week (8A & 10:30A see below). Additional times will be added with interest. Our trainers are caring, patient and certified Functional Aging Specialists.  We pursue our craft with passion and a focus on improving the functional quality for our clients.

☑️ Functional Movement Screen ($97 Value)
We will review your current physical situation including health concerns, physical capabilities and assess areas where the biggest improvements can be attained to help you move better.

☑️ Custom 21-Day Nutrition Plan ($47 Value)
During the initial meeting you will receive a nutrition program for you to follow during the 21-day program.

☑️ Accountability and Support (priceless

With this program you will develop a strong relationship with your trainer and sense of camaraderie with other peer clients. You will be held accountable to reaching your goals and we will work with you based on your results to tweak and alter your nutrition or workout plan to optimize your results during the 21 days.

You will have access to our staff during the program via email and Facebook.


☑️ Access to our private Fit Body Facebook Group: 
With daily tips, motivation & support from our fitness coaches and other clients like you. So that you have a private and safe place to ask questions, overcome hurdles, gain motivation and get all the support you could want to keep you on track working towards your goals.

Please enter your contact information in the form below.  We will be in contact with you in the next 24-48 hours to answer any questions you might have.  If you would like to schedule an appointment time now please CLICK HERE.

We are located at 
329 Centre Avenue.
Call or Text us at:
Frequently Asked Questions

❔ What are the Fees for the 21-Day Trial?

  • Your first session is free, if you decide you would like to do the trial the cost is just $89

❔ When does the Program Start?

  • We typically like to get clients started on Monday, but we can start any time you are ready.

❔ When are the training times?

  • We currently offer 7 session times each week. The sessions are only 30 minutes long.  We are also looking to grow this offering so please let us know what times work best as this will help us build out our program to better accommodate your needs


    • 8:00AM Mon, Tues & Thur

    • 10:30AM Mon, Tues & Thur

❔ I haven't exercised in a long-time, is this for me?

  • Yes, you certainly can, in fact you are a prime candidate for this program.  The number of participants per sessions is very limited to ensure our Functional Aging Specialists can give you the personal attention you need to achieve great results with the program.