What is the Cost: The Cost for the first 4-weeks of the program is just $97.  This is completely risk free, if you decide within 30-days of your first training session with us, that the program is not right for you, just let me know and I will refund you what you paid. This is my Happiness Guarantee.

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Where are you Located: We are located in Rockland, just up the road from the Target in Abington. 329 Centre Ave.


If I am out of shape can I do this Now: Yes! Our trainers are exceptionally skilled at modifying the workout for any fitness level so you are guaranteed a great workout that is both fun and effective, EVERY TIME!


What is your Schedule: We have 45-sessions throughout the week starting as early as 5A.  You can see the schedule by Clicking here.

How do I get Started:  Start with a free session or two.  I want you to make sure this is the RIGHT Community for you be, Click here to take a free session & save your spot.

I've already taken a session with you can I do this program:  OK, here is the deal, if it has been more than 6-months since your last session, then YES! You are good to go.  If it has been more recent, then let's chat about next steps for you, I will do what I can to set you up for success. Click here to set up a free session & save your spot.


If you have additional questions

please call or text us at 781-808-3450

~ Coach Leon