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If it tastes good…it must be evil [grilling myth exposed!]

There is a vicious rumor that is promoted on some TV shows you see about grilling. 

If you believe everything you see there, you would think that grilling is arguably one of the most UNHEALTHY activities ever!

As a result of my career choice…I am kinda obligated to understand healthy foods and food prep. 

You can get started by browsing through the options you have from sauces and marinade, sides, grilled entrée’s, grilled salads, grilled veggies and grilled fruits.

There even a section dedicated to helping you mix up your own dry rubs.

And then there’s something we call “supportive sauces”.  

  • Recipes using skewers (pg. 26)

  • Entrée recipes (pg. 31)

  • Grilled salad recipes (pg. 46)

  • Grilled veggie recipes (pg. 51)

  • Grilled fruit recipes (pg. 60)

The first 16 pages provide as strong an overview of grilling basics as I’ve come across.


~ Coach Leon

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