Welcome to the Holiday Belly Burn

Congrats on your decision to get in on this amazing opportunity - I cannot wait to work with you.

Are you ready? Because the Holidays are here and well… it's on!

It’s time to get your body lean & tight!

Ok, first things first.  If you are new to our studio you will need to set up an initial orientation and get your first workout in.  The program starts as soon as you are ready, but don’t delay because the fun and games start right after Thanksgiving.  Pick an orientation time at (https://southshorefbbc.sites.zenplanner.com/freeTrial.cfm) on the on-line schedule so we can get you started Right!  During the orientation, I will be covering the details of the program and answer any questions you might have.  Come around 10 minutes early because there is a little paperwork to knock out. And yes, you can come to as many sessions as you want per week (I recommend at least 3).

Second, all of the Holiday Belly Burn Resources (meal plan, grocery list, nutrition guides etc..) are available Right Here on this site.


Included in this program packet...

There is a TON of info in there to help you succeed and achieve your goals fast.  But here are some things to AVOID AT ALL COSTS:

  1. Thinking you can get away with only following the guidelines “most of the time”.    

  2. Thinking you only need to follow “most of the guidelines”.

  3. Thinking I won’t know if you follow the guidelines or not.

Let me make this simple and clear.  Follow the guidelines and you’ll see results. Don’t and you probably won’t. 

The Real secret to getting insane results with this program: 


If you are not going to follow the meal plan designed for this program, then you will need to create your own (I can help you with this).  If you want to be held accountable for your nutrition a food journal is a good way to get there, the simple exercise of turning in your food journals regularly is often enough to support your success. 


The simple truth is most people cannot “out train” a bad diet.  Your current way of eating has gotten you the body you have now.  If you want to change your body you *MUST* change the way you eat – there is no way around it.  The beauty of this program is that it not only delivers rapid results, but can easily be transitioned into an eating plan that will keep you lean, healthy and happy for your entire life.  

To put it another way- Working out without modifying your eating is a good in terms of making you stronger, but a waste of time and effort if you are looking to affect real physical changes!

Bottom Line:  Use a strategically built and easy to follow meal plan, track what you eat, and if you can't keep yourself accountable...turn in your food logs to your coach to ensure results.  Sound good?


Moving on…


Every Monday you will get an email from me with info for the week, including the coaching call times etc.  But I will also include a motivational video clip.  You can think of it as “Motivational Mondays”.   These are just some You tube clips that I have found inspirational and I think you will too. (I love movies, so you will see many are from some of my favorite films.)

The first video clip is probably my favorite and comes from a film called Gattaca.  I really loved this movie because it is about a guy who was told his whole life that he would not amount to anything, but then he rose to unimaginable heights (figuratively and literally). 

One time, while racing his genetically superior brother and beating him soundly his brother asks how it can be possible.   It’s all about the Swim Back…


That’s it for now.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with ANY questions.

Get ready to CRUSH IT over the coming weeks! This is going to be AWESOME.

Yours in Health and Wellness

~ Coach Leon