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Calorie Goals & Meal Plans

Calculate Your Energy Requirements.

We’re not “stuck” on counting calories but we want to give you the resources you need to succeed in your health journey. Most of us are not completely aware of our eating habits and overall caloric intake. We want to make sure that we are eating enough of the right foods and have adequate water intake.

To create a baseline, click here to use the calorie calculator.

Watch the Video Below to see how to use the calorie 

Below is a picture of the calorie calculator. The default activity level setting is

“Active: I do boot camp” – which is correct. Of the calculated numbers, we’d like for

you to start with the one that corresponds with “calories you need per day to lose 1.5

lbs a week”. (Third from top).

Premiere Meal Plans

We all like a little variety in our diets and not everyone has the same tastes. You can find our premiere meal plans that fit your caloric goals AND personal preferences at

Note: Some of our challenges/boot camps, of which you may or may not be part of, are meal plan specific. If this applies to you, the information regarding your specific meal plan will be provided as part of your Challenge Package. 


Take it to the next level we can build a fully prescriptive plan focused on balancing the macros right for your body.  To utilize this service, first complete your Nutrition Assessment Form, once complete, setup a Goal and Strategy Session by Clicking Here.  When used in conjunction with our Fit3D system we can fine tune the balance of your nutrition to where you feel satisfied (not hungry) and get great results.

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