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OK here is a simple approach on Nutrition and how I like to work with my clients.  First and foremost I don't recommend clients start with any "tricky" diet, weight loss supplement or detox program right out of the shoot.  Like anything, you have to build a solid foundation in order to have a "structure" that stands the test of time. 


This should be your initial goal - develop habits that are easy to follow and allow you to have the foods you want (within reason) so you never A) feel like you are dieting and B) that you are denying yourself.

What that means is your first step should be basic.  Here is what I recommend for most of my clients.  Without changing anything else:

  1. Focus on reducing the amount of added sugars in your diet (click here for my blog post)

  2. Focus on increasing the amount of vegetable servings you get.  We ultimately want to get you to a point where you are consistently eating 5-6 or more servings per day.

  3. Start working on improving the "quality" of the foods you consume with a plan on removing as many pre-packaged, manufactured meals as possible (this includes eating out)

  4. Drink more water, typically half your body weight in ounces (many times when you feel hungry it is really a case of being dehydrated)

  5. Add a high quality multi-vitamin and Omega III / Krill Oil to round out your nutrition (see below)

Today's modern diet makes it difficult to have a truly balanced and well rounded nutritional program.  Add to that, many who are looking to drop weight often times simply reduce calories which means you lose even more access to the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your body needs to run effectively. Fix the deficiencies with the steps above and often times you will feel significantly better.

OK if you want to explore some simple approaches to fitness and nutrition, here are a few of my favorite tools to help support you.

Need Pre-done meal plans?  Check these out.

If you simply want to figure out how many calories you need and want to review a meal plan to better understand how to structure your days/weeks then use the Calculator and Meal Plans that you can find on the Fit Body Boot Camp website ( 


This is a great place to start, want to read further on why these meal plans are so effective?  Download the ULTIMATE FAT LOSS EBOOK.

Cook Smarts Meal Plans

Want customizable plans that include awesome and healthy recipes as well as instructions on meal prepping?  Check out the Meal Plan Services from COOK SMARTS, start with a free preview (CLICK HERE).​

Supplementing your Nutritional Plan

There are a couple of supplements I recommend to people to bolster the structure of their nutritional plan.  Again, supplement when you have set yourself up for success by creating the foundation.  Even with the best of nutritional habits most Americans are deficient in the proper amounts of nutrients and minerals to allow their body to operate, heal and function.  At a minimum supplementing with a good multi-vitamin and Omega III is a good idea.


Boot Camp Survival Kit - Maximize Your Nutrition - include:  Multi-Vitamin, Omega III and Protein  

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Boot Camp Weight Loss Maximizer - include:  LeptiSense, Ultra Cleanse, Gluco Guardian 

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Ultimate Meal Replacement - Shakeology

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