Why the Food you Eat Matters

Why the Food you Eat Matters

So if you ask the members of my boot camp they will tell you that they love the workouts, they love the 30-minute sessions, they love the community and support they get from their fellow members especially on those days when they don't feel particularly motivated to come workout. And that is great....I love that we have created an environment that is supportive and provides and effective and efficient workout for my members. But the fact is if you are trying to attack your weight loss with exercise alone, you are frankly fighting a losing battle long-term.

When you sign up at the studio, you are not signing up for training sessions, well better said, not only training sessions. You see you are hiring my staff and I to help deliver you great results, not just in the short term but over time. When we help you to lose 10 - 20 - 30 or more pounds (oh and we will do that for you) we want you to keep it off, not by working harder but through new and better focused habits. When you hire us to be your trainer, you get a package that comes standard with individualized nutritional consultations, meal plans, monthly body evaluations and of course coaching and accountability. It is one package and here is why.

  • Exercise alone doesn’t work. If a person doesn’t change their nutrition, nothing else they do will matter when it comes to body composition change (fat loss, muscle gain) and the associated health improvements. And that is what you are hiring us to do, isn’t it? Simply put, the past 25 years of published research show that while exercise alone can promote very small changes in body fat, lean mass, and the associated health markers, those changes are almost negligible. In fact, one published review, a meta-analysis of more than 700 previous exercise studies done over 25 years, showed that about 6 months of supervised exercise programming will produce only 9 pounds of weight lost. If we assume 50 percent of that weight lost is fat (which is a safe assumption, based on the research), that means that clients can expect to lose around 4.5 pounds of fat during a 6-month training program. Kind of Ho Hum right?

  • Now if you add nutrition to the our training programming, the average weight loss is closer to 25 pounds of fat loss in 6 months and the best performers are losing up to 100 pounds in 12 months. It’s quite amazing. So with the right exercise and the right nutrition programming, supervised by an in-person coach, the cost per pound of fat loss can go down from $1000 per pound to $100 per pound. That’s nearly 5 times the fat loss and 10 times the cost effectiveness.

So if you are unclear of our mission here at the studio, it is this, we want to help the community lose 10,000 pounds of fat. Period. In order to accomplish this mission, nutrition is hugely important. The simple fact is that Real Change comes with making focused changes to your activity and nutrition, establishing key habits will ensure that you remain fit and healthy for the long-term.



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