31 Done For You Holiday Excuses you can start using today!

31 Done For You Holiday Excuses you can start using today!

Next week we will be starting the Holiday Belly Burn! But Before I Tell you about that I want to share with you 31 Done for you Holiday Excuses that you can start using today!

These are excuses you can use to Justify the typical 8-13 pounds many Americans add over the holidays. Let's face it between the old excuses to avoid working out, the stress of the holidays and all of the food, pot lucks, major holiday meals, happy hours and family get togethers, it's no wonder we gain during this time of the year.

And I know coming up with new excuses for why you can't lose weight can be really hard. Not to worry, I've got you covered! Here is a list of 31 ready-to-use excuses* that you can use as soon as today!

If "putting it off" has been working for you, and you’re OK gaining 8-13 pounds over the holidays (like many Americans will this holiday season) then this list is a god send.

Whatever you do, *DO NOT* Download the Holiday Survival Guide or REGISTER for The Holiday Belly Burn, (the ridiculously cheap holiday weight loss program where you get to eat what you want and still lose weight). Unfortunately, these excuses don't work when on that program and you’ll be stuck dropping 15+ pounds and 2-3 sizes even during the holidays. Sorry.

So here are 31 excuses you can use this holiday season, starting right now…

  1. My workout can start tomorrow. No need to worry about it today.

  2. I’ve already ruined my diet today, so working out isn’t going to help.

  3. These sweats have a drawstring, so there’s no need to go to Boot Camp today.

  4. I’m feeling fat. I’d better eat my feelings first.

  5. I'm almost done with Season 6 of The Walking Dead on Netflix, only have one season left, so I'll go to Boot Camp after that.

  6. I’m too tired tonight. I’ll get up early and go in the morning.

  7. I’m too tired this morning. I’ll go during my lunch break.

  8. I got invited to lunch. I can’t turn them down for the gym. I’ll go after.

  9. I forgot my gym clothes. Guess I’ll have to go tomorrow.

  10. I’ll work out at home. P90X will be better for me anyway.

  11. I just remembered P90X is really hard and is over an hour long, better take the day off.

  12. Maybe if I just do a few jumping jacks, that’ll get me motivated to work out for reals.

  13. I would go work out, but then I would have to shower again and I don’t want to wash my hair today.

  14. They say that abs are made in the kitchen. Maybe I can just starve myself skinny.

  15. I don’t really have time this week. I’ll start next week after things calm down at work.

  16. Work was really stressful. I just need to sit on the couch to unwind.

  17. My kids are keeping me too busy.

  18. It’s not like anyone sees me naked anyway. What’s the point?

  19. My husband/wife doesn’t care what I look like. They have to love me anyway.

  20. Bikini season doesn’t start until May. I have plenty of time to look good.

  21. I deserve a night/week/month off.

  22. My kids don't need me as a role model, they can find one on TV easily enough.

  23. It's too cold.

  24. It's too hot.

  25. It's too windy.

  26. I can’t start in the middle of the week. I’ll have to wait until next Monday.

  27. I’m busy Monday. Next week is probably better.

  28. Thanksgiving is coming up, I’ll gain a whole bunch of weight anyway.

  29. 8-13 extra pounds around my belly during the holidays will hardly be noticeable.

  30. I look super awesome in big, bulky sweaters.

  31. This can be my 2017 resolution. I’ll start working out in January. That worked out fine last year.

There you go, 31 excuses you can use anytime! (So you long as you don't Download the Holiday Survival Guide or REGISTER for The Holiday Belly Burn, those poor people can't use any excuses and will be up to 20 pounds lighter, 2-3 sizes smaller, and have 3-4 inches gone from their waists during the holidays. Who needs that kind of headache?)

- Leon

PS: If you are done with the excuses, and had enough with "putting it off" CLICK HERE NOW<<<=== (*Excuse list adapted from a list found at postgradproblems.com)