Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Thanksgiving is a holiday tradition filled with family, fun, food, food, food, alcohol and football. Leftovers consist of more food and about 2-5 extra pounds. The average person will consume approximately 3000 – 4500 additional calories during the Thanksgiving eat-a-thon weekend.

How much exercise does it take a person to burn off a 3000 calorie Thanksgiving Day meal?

  • 5 Hours of Cardio on an Elliptical Machine

  • Run at a moderate pace for 4 hours

  • Swim for 5 hours

  • Walk for 30 miles

  • Garden for 7 consecutive hours

  • 9 Hours of Aqua Aerobics

  • 5 Hours of Moderate to Intense Zumba

Most Nutritionists would tell you that Thanksgiving is just another day and there is no need to indulge or overeat. While that might be true, it’s just not realistic for most people.

Accomplishing your weight loss and health goals means understanding how to balance your meals and enjoy your favorite holiday foods in moderation.

No need to worry…there is a way to enjoy Thanksgiving and keep to your nutrition and exercise goals.

In this Thanksgiving Day Survival Guide you will learn:

  • 10 Nutrition Tips for the Big Day

  • Fat and oils substitutes

  • Thanksgiving Food Swaps

  • Health and Holiday Recipes

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