I Can't Believe How Much I Ate Yesterday

I Can't Believe How Much I Ate Yesterday

Ok, so yesterday happened. And if your day was like mine, you had a great holiday with family, friends and assorted loved ones and much joy was had by all. It was a beautiful day.


If you are like most of my clients (and yes, like me) you ate too much, you ate sugary and fatty things and probably drank more than normal too.

Now you woke up this morning looking a bit more like Santa than you did just a day ago. Thank you, food hangover.

So now what? Time to go into damage control mode. But here’s the good news: It’s way easier than you think. Take a breath and follow these simple tips to get back on track without going crazy.

  1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up. You need to keep this in mind: One bad meal (or one bad day of eating) will not make you fat just like one good day of eating will not make you lean. It is what we do long term that makes the difference. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward.

  2. Don’t Weigh Yourself Don’t go near a scale. At least not today. A couple of things happened when you pig out. One is you just retain water form the increased overall consumption and salt intake. And another is you fill up your glycogen stores (the sugar stored in muscle). Now that in and of itself is just fine, but with every gram of glycogen stored 2-3 grams of water is stored. Again, that is not bad thing but that will increase the number on the scale. So avoid the freak out and avoid the scale.

  3. Stick with P & P “P&P” is just an easy way to remember protein and produce. To put it simply, carbs can problematic for a lot of people. They can make you gain fat and can keep you from losing fat (this has to do with their influence on insulin). So to get your nutrition in check stick with protein and produce. The protein helps increase metabolism, and helps muscle repair. Fresh vegetables can give your body all the nutrients it needs plus has a ton of fiber to keep you full. There are some other important nutritional aspects to consider, but if you get these 2 things rolling you are moving in the right direction.

  4. Hydrate Here’s a secret: Increased water intake does not increase fat loss. *BUT* even the slightest bit of dehydration stops fat loss in its tracks. Add to that the fact your body only functions optimally when it is fully properly hydrated. Aim for around a gallon per day. And yes, you’ll be peeing a lot.

  5. Get Moving Get off your butt. Now. Anything is better than nothing, even just going for a walk. But if you want to get the most efficient fat torching workouts stick with short duration interval based training. In only 30 minutes your can boost your metabolism for over 48hrs, melting fat even while at rest. (Let me know if I can help you with that, just reply to this email.)

  6. You Can’t Fix it All Today Remember, you can’t fix all your problems in a day, or even in a week. Dedicated yourself to yourself. This is the only body you have, and your future self will thank you for the time & effort you invest in yourself now. It will not happen overnight but it will happen when you commit to change your life. It is never too late, and trust me: You are worth it.

See, it’s really not that tough. Also, I am here for you. So if you need any help and guidance, if you have questions or just need some someone to amp up your motivation just reply to this email and I’ll help you out.

Have a great weekend!

- Coach Leon

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