2017 - The Year of "YOU"

2017 - The Year of "YOU"

2017 is right around the corner and you're either going to own the year OR the year is going to own you.

It's 100% your choice. It's your decision. It's in your hands. That's the first thing. Simply by taking all of the responsibility and putting it on your shoulders - you become empowered.

Next, you take that feeling of empowerment. Of invincibility. The feeling you can run through a wall... and you take action. You take action like you've never taken action before. You become prolific. You become consistent. And you let no obstacle stand in your way... no matter what.

No more pity parties. No more thinking about how you were screwed out of a few hundred bucks last year. No more whining about anything.

YOU are in control. YOU.

Not happy with your health? Start paying attention to the food you put in your mouth.

Not happy with the way you look in that dress or your pants are too tight? Start an exercise program.​​ If at first your not seeing the best results.. keep tweaking and changing until it begins to work. Find a Coach, Mentor or Accountability Partner to make it all come together for YOU.

And when you begin to make progress... When you start to get attention and gain traction. First Off - Revel In It, use it to drive Your Power.

But remember - there will be haters.

Oh yes, the haters will come out of the woodwork to chop you down. It's because they aren't happy with themselves, and it makes them feel better to knock you down.. but you can't let them.

You will stay the course. You'll stay focused.

Because the distractions will keep on coming. They never stop. This is Life a non-stop fast action Reality! You will open your eyes and unsubscribe from the photoshopped Instagram accounts who provide zero value and only make you think less of yourself. They don't matter..

You are smart. You are unshakable. You are changing your life. You are making an impact on you and your family's future. You are a lean, mean, fat fighting machine.

And I promise to be here, with you, every single step of the way.

You absolutely, 100%, got this.

- Coach Leon

P.S. This is where I'd normally include a "soft sell" about about our New Years Revolution Program. But I won't do it today.

Well.. now that I'm thinking about it, it's probably smart just to give you a link just in case. It's going to be the only 30 minute workout, support, and coaching you'll need in 2017 and beyond. Here's the link if you're not yet in the club.


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