Detox Yourself to Maximize your Health

Detox Yourself to Maximize your Health

Your detox is a systematic approach to assisting your body to remove toxins from the body. In our society now everyone is at risk of toxic stress due to contaminants in our food and water, poor exercise habits, processed foods, lotions and potions, drugs, medication and exposure to pollutants in our environment. As these exposures to toxins have increased, so has the rate of disease. This happens due to the overload of toxins, preservatives etc. entering the body are faster than what the body’s natural detoxification system was designed to handle. These toxins over time start to build up and accumulate throughout the body causing it to malfunction, resulting in the development of health problems. We can start to feel sluggish and tired as our body’s have difficulty in keeping up with the elimination of wastes.

Just like when you take your car in for a service to change your oil, your body also needs to be cleansed and recharged. Our body’s need a rest from our busy lifestyles and work in order to eliminate toxins, increase cell renewal, strengthen the immune system and rebalance biochemical processes. After your detox program there will be an increase in vitality and health and a shift in energy that promotes the foundation for a future of healthy and natural lifestyle practices and longevity.

The Essentials

  • Your Liver is the most hard-working organ in your body. It converts destructive toxins into less harmful substances the colon and kidneys can then eliminate. It neutralizes a wide range of toxic chemicals including those produced internally and those coming from the environment.

  • Your Kidneys are a continuous filter that clean the toxins out of your blood, and create urine, which cleans the bladder of toxins

  • Your Lungs clean the air you breathe with each inhalation, and with each exhalation they eliminate toxins from your body.

  • Your Lymphatic System transport wastes and toxins from cells and the circulatory system to each of the organs involved in the elimination of toxins from the body. It is a one way pumping mechanism; otherwise the toxins would back up and we would die instantly from a toxic overload.

  • Your Skin perspires to transport wastes and toxins out of the body through the pores. Because of its large surface area, the skin actually disposes of more waste (by sweating) than the kidneys and colon combined.

  • Your Blood transport toxins to other organs for elimination. Healthy blood circulation is crucial in removing toxins from your body.

  • Your Bowl (colon/intestines) disposes of toxins from the digestive system and the liver. Cleansing the colon helps clear the way for other organs to function properly and assists in eliminating the body of unwanted toxins.

Common Detox Mistakes

One of the worst things you can do to your body is start a detox program and then quit before it is finished. Too many toxins being released too fast, and not allowing enough time for the body to clean them out, or even adding toxins back in too quickly adds extra stress and burden to the body. You want to make sure you follow the program properly to avoid any extra unnecessary strain on the body as this is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.


Some people think detox means not eating any food, or restricting calories. This is not your objective! You want to provide your body with as many nutrients as possible in the detox period. The best way is with wholesome raw foods, juices and smoothies. A common thing that can happen is you tend to eat less calories, but that shouldn’t be your goal at all. Focus in MORE nutrients!

Insufficient Water Intake

The general guideline is half your body weight in ounces of water, but your target should be ~96 ounces, so how much should you be drinking? Now imagine you are trying to help your body work as effectively as you can in a very short period (a detox), the best way to get this done is to hydrate your body. During a detox you will have lots of toxins circulating in your body. Filtered water will help to keep all the organs working effectively, move your bowels and eliminate toxins through urine and sweat. Your largest organ is your skin so a great way to eliminate toxins is through sweating.

Poorly Planned

What do you want to get from this detox program? What’s your specific reason for detoxing? Some people see something on TV or listen to someone on the radio saying “Detox is great for losing weight, gaining health, etc” so they jump on board the band wagon without properly planning a detox. Many people assume they need a detox to lose weight. What you want to focus on is getting healthy. Once you are healthy, your body will naturally become slender. The foods you eat and the exercise you do will process better and show better results once you are healthier. Focus on HEALTH and RESULTS will come.

Post-Detox Return to Old Habits

You have worked so hard to clean out your system, your organs are running optimally and your body is on its way to getting really healthy. But, you are missing your coffee or chocolate so why not have some? The problem arises when your old habits come back, and sometimes too fast. What is the point of spending all that energy cleansing your system if you’re just going to add those toxins straight back into your body?

Too many Toxins too fast back into your system can send your body into shock and can cause some side effects. This detox will help you to break some of your old bad habits anyway, and you find yourself naturally wanting to incorporate many of the ‘detox’ foods and rituals into your everyday life!

Detox Aids

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an old traditional remedy used to help clean the mouth and eliminate the body of toxins. The body tends to store toxins in the tongue (this can be the reason behind bad breath) and by using a cold-pressed oil, you can soak up those toxins.

Oil pulling needs to be done in the morning before breakfast, on an empty stomach. You take 1TBS in the mouth (do not swallow it) and then slowly swishing/moving the oil around in your mouth like a mouth wash, making sure to pull it through your teeth. This should last for 15-20mins, in this time the oil will become foamy, and then you spit out the oil. The mouth then needs to be thoroughly rinsed with water to get any remaining oil/toxins out.

If you cannot handle the whole 15-20 minutes at first, swish the oil as long as you can then spit it out. Then continue with new oil until the 15min is up, it should become easier as you do it more often. Creating a ritual of this practice during your morning shower, or while you prepare breakfast may help.

Dry Body Brushing

Dry brushing assists to improve venous blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, release toxins, exfoliate dead skin, reduce ingrown hairs and many other health benefits. Many people use dry brushing successfully to assist with the relief of arthritis, psoriasis and to improve poor circulation.

After a dry body brush, you can expect a slight reddening of the skin (erythema) this is good sign that your blood circulation is responding to the skin brushing.

Tips for Dry Body Brushing:

  • Always use a plant bristle skin brush. Plant bristle is for the body only, not the face

  • Perform on Dry Skin only

  • Generally stroke upward in one movement, using light strokes and repeat up to 7 times

  • Best to follow brushing with some form of hydrotherapy i.e shower or bath

  • Work from left to right side of body

  • Work from the feet up the body to the large lymph nodes to help the toxins clear from your body.

Salt/Sand Scrubs

Salt and Sand Scrubs have the same benefit as dry brushing- it increases the body’s circulation and helps the lymphatic system. They also contain a variety of minerals and nutrients that benefit our bodies. The Salt or Sand work to exfoliate the skin (removing the outer layers of the dead skin), helping to open the pores so the skin can absorb more minerals and nutrients. The unclogging of the pores is essential so the skin can breathe and toxins can freely escape the body.

Another benefit of salt scrubs or ocean scrubs is the presence of magnesium sulfate in marine salts, which is shown to stimulate the liver and adrenal glands to dumb their toxins. Again, with the lymphatic system focus on moving up the body, start at the feet and move to your armpits, working in smooth strokes.

Infrared Sauna

This is another great way to stimulate your lymphatic system and get rid of toxins through a safe and effective way, sweating. Infrared rays are part of the sun’s natural spectrum. The radiant energy produced by an infrared sauna is the same as heat from the sun, with the exclusion of the ultraviolet rays. A heat source emits infrared waves that penetrate and relax the body as increased blood circulation warms the skin. A flood of sweat and toxins is released through the skin’s open pores as the warm blood circulates deeper throughout the body.

Lymphatic massage

Our lymphatic system is a series of vessels and tubes throughout the body (similar to your blood vessels) that transport toxins to the detoxifying organs. Unlike your blood vessels, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a specific pump (i.e your heart) to help keep the flow going. It has to rely on your muscles and movements to push the system. This is why it is very important to keep exercising during your detox and also consider booking in for a lymphatic massage. The focus of the massage is to help the body transport all the toxic waste from the cells and tissue to the detox organs and out of your system. It had a different feel from the remedial massage, as it focuses on light touch and specific areas to help you clear the toxins.

Detox Foot Patches

Detox foot patched are based on Chinese Medicine where your feet are regarded as your “second heart”, and they are said to mimic different parts of your body. Your body wants to move toxins away from your heart and major organs out to your extremities so they cause less harm. This, and the fact that you are standing most of the day, moves the toxins to your feet through gravity. Foot patches are designed around this principle to help pull the toxins from your feet while you sleep.


During this detox you are getting rid of the toxins in your body, so it is also a good time to detoxify your mind. Our emotions and thoughts can have a significant impact on the body, as they often correlate to physical feelings, stress, tension and disease within the body. To have you mind clean and clear can help your body fully detox.

Deep Breathing Is a form of meditation that helps clear the lung pathway and get oxygen to the rest of the body. Focus on breathing in for 7 seconds and then hold your breath for 7 seconds and then breathe out for 7 seconds. Continue this for several minutes until you feel your body relax

Exercise and Stretching can be a good form of meditation and detox therapy. Work on making your workouts not to vigorous and stretching will help to release both muscle tension and strain form negative thoughts/emotions you may be holding onto.

Detox Side Effects

Side effects can range from a simple headache, nausea, dizziness, or even diarrhea. Side effects are often a form of withdraw symptoms. If you have any concerns, ensure you are under the supervision of an experienced professional.


Food is the best way to support your system before, during and after a detox program. It is best to choose organic produce where possible. This is very important so you are not putting harsh chemicals (pesticides/herbicides) back into your system.

Fresh raw fruits and vegetables are the perfect foods for detoxing your body. The food guide has been created while keeping in mind a wide variety of vegetables with nutritional properties that facilitate and improve detoxification, cell regeneration and healing.


We all know that protein is a very important element in our diet. It helps to build up your muscles and support all your organs, bones and help vital systems run. During the detox, I want you to limit the amount of protein you eat in its whole form (meats, dairy, protein powders, etc) so your liver a gallbladder can rest from breaking it down. Don’t worry you still get protein from everything you eat, so you aren’t going to waste away all that muscle you worked so hard to build up, it is just in a different form – Amino Acids. There are 20 Amino Acids that are used as building blocks to form protein in the human body. Greens are one of the best sources to get a variety of amino acids that will turn into protein in the body. So the more you can focus on eating a variety of plant based foods, the easier it will be to form useable source of protein during your detox after!


Most people take some kind of supplement in today’s society, whether it is a multivitamin, fish oils, herbs, glucosamine etc. During the detox we want to let the body rest and get rid of anything it doesn’t need. That being said, if you are taking any over-the-counter medications that are not plant based powders, then I recommend you cut them down or out for the ‘Detox’ phase of the program. The reason being is these products usually contain binders and other agents to hold them in a pill (or solid) form and we want the body to have break from these products. You might find that after the detox, you won’t have all those symptoms in your body that prompted you to take them in the first place. Remember that some medications should not be stopped and I recommend you consult your GP or a naturopath before changing and prescription medications.

Drink Green Tea

  • It has very low amounts of caffeine

  • The caffeine helps to increase gastric emptying (i.e. clears the gut fast) so it will help to flush out the toxins

  • The caffeine from the tea also helps support withdrawal systems from coffee

  • Aim for warm and cold green tea, be aware of added sugars if buying pre-packed drinks

  • A squeeze of fresh lemon will support your detox further

Super Green Smoothies

Blending your vegetables is an easy way to increase your servings of raw vegetables each day, and will provide super energy and super nutrition for your body. Green smoothies are readily assimilated, easily digestible and unbelievably nutritional super foods. They are filled with more veggie goodness than you could possibly eat.

There are so many benefits of greens, including:

  • High phytonutrients

  • Great source of fiber

  • Loaded with digestive enzymes

  • Extremely cleansing and detoxifying

  • Abundant in chlorophyll (a green pigment) which is alkaline and anti inflammatory to heal tissues

Juicing Your Greens

A cold pressed juicer provides you not only easily accessible nutrients, but:

  • Fills your body with living enzymes, vitamins, oxygen, and phytonutrients necessary for vibrant health

  • Allows your cells to uncover the body’s innate healing power, thereby boosting your body’s ability to fight infection and heal chronic disease.

  • Since your body doesn’t have to break down the vegetables in order to absorb the nutrition, it allows the body to focus on repair, healing, detoxification, and renewal.

  • Adds enzymes to your body, which may add years to your life.

  • Help your body return itself to a state of healthy alkalinity. Remember disease can only exist in an acidic environment

  • Glowing skin and improved digestion

The health benefits of juicing are truly unparalleled, which is why it’s one of the most popular healing, disease-curing modalities.

For more details on how to approach a detox, feel free to give me a call or email

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