The Truth About Detoxing?

The 14-Day Fat Furnace is a program offered at South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp focused on Cleansing and Detoxing the body.

Combining a 100% Clean Eating Meal plan with our Unstoppable Fat Burning Boot Camp Sessions and our Coaching/Accountability is what enables people to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time.

One of the questions I frequently get is whether a person must do the Detox Meal plan built into the program. The Short answer is 'No', however it should stimulate a good discussion for us to focus on what your current nutrition is and ways to improve (assuming improvements are necessary).

In general a focus on clean eating and detox for a period of at least 5-days is a good practice for most people to engage in every few months.

The Truth About Detoxing

The term “detox” is becoming as common as the word "diet". From colon cleanses and Hollywood fads, to juices, fasting, enemas and hot youg.

With the media jamming down our throats, Fast Track, 21 Day liver cleanse, Martha's Vineyard, Gwyneth and Beyonce's personal detox plans, it is hard to know what and who to believe.

So here is my opinion, forget about those catchy celebrity named trends! Sure, maybe you have been ingesting the wrong things for a while and you feel lethargic and bloated. Possibly one of your friends lost 10 pounds on some cleanse, but ask her how she felt while she was on it and what happened the day she stopped?

Did she feel great following the plan? Was your friend energized, sleeping well, not hungry and focused? Did she know what to do next when the detox plan was done?

Most people who go through a detox typically don't feel great at all especially the first few days. And after the detox was "complete" most people eat way too much right after, feel guilty and begin looking for the next quick fix.

So the question you should ask.....

Why not follow a plan that naturally cleanses with tasty options that keep you full while your body does what it was meant to do?

If your goal has more to do with feeling energized, less bloated, feel more vital while losing weight, then our 14-Day Fat Furnace may be the right choice for you.

So Why Detox?

It is sad but true ... almost every bite of food that enters your mouth is either tainted with a chemical, an added sweetener, GMOS, a hormone, or antibiotic, or grown in soil that is depleted of all valuable nutrients making us sick.

There is a way for you to take control of your health today!

Your body will do a fantastic job of "cleansing and renewing" on it's own if you put in the right ingredients and take out the toxic ones.

What you will experience during the 14-Day Fat Furnace

You will learn easily how to incorporate practices into your daily life that you can use for life long health and wellness so that you can lose the bloated belly, and feel sexy and vital once again!

From absorption to elimination, it is time to set your internal balance right so that you can feel and look energized, youthful and amazing!

Benefits of the Plan:

  • Easy to follow while eating whole real foods

  • Simple list of foods to add in that naturally "detoxify"

  • Better focus and sleep

  • Less bloating and more energy due to cutting out toxins

  • Weight loss is not water and muscle (when done properly)

  • Less irritability due to adding in healthy options

  • Metabolic rate is kick started due to the healthy, tasty foods

  • Entire body feels revived after following for 5-7 days

  • Reduce that sluggish feeling, while increasing your body's defenses