How 30-minutes per day can change your life

One of the big reasons that I got into the fitness industry and opened Fit Body Boot Camp was as a result of finding that “health consciousness” for me and frankly overcoming a “bad” physical and being notified by my doctor that I was technically obese….at 37 and it wasn't getting any better the older I got?

Rather than go down the path of taking prescription meds to resolve the blood pressure and cholesterol issues that were stalking me I decided cleaning up the diet and getting myself moving was the more prudent course of action. Over the last 10-years, I learned a lot about fitness and nutrition; I fell in love with movement and started enjoying the journey of pushing myself, seeing what I am capable of and how, even as I get older, can still get better, stronger and healthier.

When I started the journey, I was working 70+ hours a week, raising a young family and worked into my schedule the best times to get my workouts in. It wasn’t easy, but somehow, I made it happen.

The ironic thing is that as I have been building out the Boot Camp, making the conscious choice of getting a workout in is just as tough as it has always been, for the simple reason that life gets in the way. Goals, objectives, tasks, family concerns and demands all like to jump in front of the line of priorities. Clearly this is a challenge that so many people face in doing the same and isn’t going away anytime soon.

Some fitness pros say that people who claim not to have time to train are just making excuses. I don't know, I really think it can be tough. In a world that demands more of us, trying to find extra time and energy can be a challenge in of itself.

That is why I am so glad that Fit Body Boot Camp solves so many people's dilemma of finding time and a place to train. Thirty minute Boot Camp Sessions 3-4 times per week can do wonders for people.

I know kinda sounds like an infomercial right?

I didn't say the workouts were easy!

Our Boot Camp Training sessions challenge your body more than “going to the gym”. The fact that we build a new program for our clients every day also takes the “routine” out of the workout routine. A focus on form, balance and building core strength are all part of the program, of course combined with building nutritional habits that stand the test of time is how we get people such fantastic results.

What can you do in just 30 minutes? Check out our Fit Body at Home program ( or go one step further and sign up for a free week at the studio (CLICK HERE) and see how you can transform your health and wellness by being consistent, finding 30 minutes three to four times a week, and really committing to our programming. Find out more HERE.

Yours in health and wellness,

~ Coach Leon

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