The 30-Minute Workout, Why it is Better

The 30-Minute Workout, Why it is Better

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Some of my newer clients have asked why we at FBBC only do 30 minute workouts and if you can do two back-to-back sessions.

30-Minutes Can Change Your Life

I want to answer that question based on what is best for your results, your body and your maintenance.

This is important to read, will take you 3 minutes but can give you much better results by reading it!

If you have or were thinking about doing two sessions, I applaud you for kicking butt and wanting to work hard. However, I’d also like to explain why our Unstoppable Fitness Formula is only 30 minutes so you can get the BEST results.

Interval training like ours is not designed to be done for longer than 30 minutes; doing so may bring some negative effects (that outweigh the desire to do it to “burn more calories”) and we don’t want that for you, especially since you are here for overall fitness and health. Here are just a few reasons why a 30 minute workout is all you need and why we didn’t design it to be 60 minutes.

When you work out for longer than 30 minutes at this level of training:

⭕ It can increase cortisol levels which is a hormone that makes your body store body fat.

⭕ It can stress out your adrenal glands which in the end can make you more tired and fatigued

⭕ It can negatively affect female hormones

⭕ It makes you more hungry, which means you eat more calories and people end up eating more calories than the calories they thought they burned off in the extra workout

⭕ There is more free radical production, which free radicals are linked to rapid aging and other degenerative conditions – we want to keep free radical production down as much as possible

⭕ There is more wear and tear on the joints and ligaments, which can lead to injury down the road or just aches and pains

⭕ You can get burnt out faster on exercise & training, that is one great thing about 30 minutes, its short and quick and over, instead of feeling like to get the real benefit a person has to work out for long duration of time

⭕ It can have a negative impact on the muscles since there is an overload of the same movement, meaning if we do 3 sets of an exercise but a client stays for another session, now they are doing 6 sets of that same exercise on the same muscle group. When it comes to training the muscles, no trainer or expert in exercise physiology will ever recommend doing more than 3 to 4 sets on the same exact exercise. That is considered over-training and not good for the muscles.

In the same regards, we have instructed the trainers not to encourage members to need to stay for another session.

If you feel you must work out for longer than the 30 minutes these are some things I suggest:

⭕ Read this post again

⭕ Do some research on your own so you aren’t just hearing it from me

If you finish your 30-minute boot camp session and you don’t feel you got a great workout then try this:

⭕ Make sure you push yourself harder in each set you do, go higher, deeper or farther

⭕ Pick up heavier weights

⭕ Go all the way until the beeper sounds, don’t start stopping 3 seconds earlier or starting 3 seconds into the set

⭕ Work through the breaks, instead of walking over, grabbing water and shooting the breeze between stations, keep yourself moving...jumping jacks, mountain climbers, crunches, push ups are all quick and easy active rest actions you can take between stations. Make every second of your 30-minutes count.

⭕ Ask the trainer for an advanced level move of the exercises

⭕ After boot camp, grab a jump rope and do that for 3 to 5 minutes; that will finish you off! Don’t feel like you are showing off either, people will be inspired by you!

⭕ Both during and after doing a 60-minute session, think about your energy level throughout the workout; is it the same in the end as it is in the beginning. Take this knowledge into your next 30-minute boot camp to amp up your intensity. Bottom line I'd rather have you intense in 30-minutes burning 400-500 calories than bottoming out in a 60-minute session and only burning 600 calories. That's working smart and not hard.

If you still feel like you need more than 30 minutes, you are better off going for a brisk walk or a jog after boot camp, than you are repeating the same workout. Keep in mind our session count as cardio as well, so you don’t need to do cardio the days you do boot camp.

Also keep this in mind Ms. Olympia who won Best Figure 3 times in a row does NOT do cardio, she hates it. She trains like we do in boot camp!

If you are going to still do a boot camp back to back, we ask that you only stay if the session is not full. We need to give the people who are doing their only workout the first chance to train. In addition, we ask that you don’t pre-book 2 boot camps in a row for that reason as well.

Certainly let me know if you have any questions. So glad you are here with us and I am excited for you to experience how amazing it feels to take care of your body and your health!

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