Other Peoples Problems

"One of my clients shared this with me. "Failing and succeeding - afraid of giving up the comfort food brings, afraid of of attention from others because of weight loss and that people won't like me if I lose weight - I am afraid of how I will change - I have been told I am intimidating- if I lose weight I will be even more intimidating (at work because I work really hard and am confident - with my work )"

Now what struck me about this was how much power was being offered and given to OTHER PEOPLE. When I see people making positive changes in their lives and getting healthier and stronger I just want to give them a big hug or at the very least a high five. To see that there are people out there whose struggle with there own problems are so great that they need to inflict negativity on others truly saddens me.

This inspired the article in my latest Newsletter which is all about Mindset and the fact that if you want to be Fit and Healthy you need to be UNREASONABLE....Unreasonable, that is, by society’s standards, here is what I mean.

If you follow the "typical" rules of our Society the following hold true:

  • Binge eat on the weekends, during the holidays, while on vacation etc....

  • Consume large quantities of sugar on a regular basis.

  • Frequent fast food restaurants.

  • Exercise means a slow and steady cardio session a few times per week

  • Slack off on keeping your body properly hydrated.

  • Live a sedentary life while consuming extra large portions of food.

  • Eat processed and industrialized “foods”.

  • Reduce your standards for health and quality of life.

  • Put your goals and dreams on hold.

  • Let your goals and dreams slowly die.

Listen, If you’re living a “reasonable” life by society’s standards then you are more than likely out of shape, tired and dehydrated. You weekends, vacations and holidays have you coming back heavier and more uncomfortable. Nothing else could result from abiding by society’s rules.

I get it. You don't need another article that’s going to tell you the same old advice about eating healthy. “Watch your portions!” “Pack some snacks!” “Pick a cheat day!”

You’ve heard it all before.

But be honest with yourself. What have you done to change things so that you don't dread the after effects (you know, the extra 3 to 5 pounds you found) of having "fun"?

It sure would be nice to find a diet plan that would work 365 days per year. A plan that would have you at your ideal weight, happy with your body, and not deprived of the foods that you love. Even during the fun times of the year where we can loosen up a bit.

Such a plan does exist, and it’s really simple.

It’s so simple that it’s not even a plan; it’s a MINDSET.

If you want different results, if you want a lean, healthy, sexy and energetic, 365 days a year then you must become UNREASONABLE by societies standards.


  • Eat sensibly on the weekends, during the holidays, while on vacation etc.... balancing indulgences with activity and calorie control (energy balance)

  • Restrict sugar for only rare and special occasions.

  • Stick with simple, wholesome meals made at home (like the recipes I share on this site)

  • Exercise at a high intensity with weights 4 to 5 times per week, always pushing themselves to be a little stronger today than they were yesterday.

  • Make the conscious effort to drink water throughout the day to maintain proper hydration.

  • Live an active life where food is consumed sensibly as fuel.

  • Fill their diet with fresh, real, unadulterated foods.

  • Refuse to peak physically or mentally; always strives to raise the bar.

  • Actively pursue their goals and dreams.

  • Routinely achieve their goals and dreams…and go on to set new ones.

So forget about the negative people and their need to bring you down. If they are following the rules of society and you have made the conscious choice to be UNREASONABLE then I applaud you. I congratulate you for being in the minority, for making YOU the priority in your life. The truth is the better you become physically, the better you become as a Parent, employee, child, sibling and community member.

Its MINDSET 100%. I Highly encourage you to adopt as many aspects of the mindset of an UNREASONABLE FIT PERSON. This mindset will carry over into your entire year, not just during those party weekends or vacations, and by the time next summer rolls around you’ll be living in a very unreasonably fit and attractive body! And all those Haters will be another 10 pounds heavier.

If you’re not yet one of my fit and active clients who are actively pursuing being UNREASONABLE then join us now! I’d love nothing more than to guide you through your stunning body transformation! Set up a quick introduction meeting with me this week and get a 2-week pass to see how we get our clients amazing results.