3 Simple Steps - How to Diet (without ever dieting)

3 Simple Steps - How to Diet (without ever dieting)

Here is the simple truth that has escaped so many of us over the years, but I warn you this may seem a little counter intuitive...but here it is. Overeating doesn't make you gain weight, necessarily. When you properly figure out your nutrient and macro requirements you will facilitate muscle growth, which, in turn, will raise your metabolism and help you actually lose weight. Increasing your metabolism is the KEY to getting lasting results and this is what our program is all about here South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp.

In order to experience long-term changes in your body you have to keep your metabolism stimulated, and that means you get to eat....NOT STARVE YOURSELF!! The time of punishing yourself for "making a mistake" is over, as you're about to realize that there's no such thing as a "dietary mistake."

There are 3 simple steps that have helped thousands of clients improve their metabolism and they're all laid out for you in this article.

Stop thinking about 'fat content' or 'calories'.

The quality of your food (aka Nutrient Density) is far more important than caloric intake. You will experience greater energy for your workouts, less cravings for crappy (low nutrient) foods and a clearer mind when you focus your nutrition towards higher quality, nutrient dense foods.

When it comes to fat...simply put, eating fat does not make you fat. Our bodies will deposit ANY FOOD as fat, particularly when it is eaten at the wrong ratio. There are certain foods you are eating right now that you probably believe to be "healthy" that get broken down into sugars in the body, which ultimately lead towards greater fat deposits and ultimately more weight gain.

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Exercise less, not more -- quality over quantity.

What do most people use to measure their cardio output when working out? Well if you use machines like treadmills or ellipticals, most people use the built in colorimeter, and based on the result of their steady state cardio work, determine whether or not they have done "enough". Not only are these devices pretty inaccurate, they don't measure your bodies response to exercise after you are done.

When you perform a High Intensity 30-minute boot camp session you are strategically targeting muscles and driving your heart rate up in a way that will stimulate oxygenation to your muscles long after the workout is done. This is what we call the Afterburn, where you continue to burn calories hours after you have performed an intense workout.

You see it is all about EPOC - Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption; which happens when you use more oxygen during a workout, resulting in you utilizing more oxygen after the workout. This results in even more calories being burned long after your workout is finished. This is something that doesn't occur when you use the steady state cardio machines at the gym; you know the treadmills and ellipticals.

And the "calories burned" tracking on those machines are not even close to accurate. In fact, they have no idea how many calories you're burning. What's more important is your body's response after exercise. By strategically targeting muscles that improve your posture, that allow better oxygenation to your muscles in the days following a tough workout, and that hit your 'fatigue point' sooner, you'll have a massive advantage with fat loss. As with most things in life, it's quality over quantity -- it's all about figuring out which muscles have been keeping you from losing fat and then training those muscles.


OK here is where it can get a little tough as your body has no idea what you're trying to do to it. Signaling fat loss to your body is as important as your method. Your body tries to stabilize, as a means of survival. You hit your body with intensity, and it fires back with fatigue and hormonal destabilization; however, let your body know why you're being intense, and it will help you lose fat.
Additionally, it's important that you think about each muscle you're about to use, before you use it -- or your body will be missing up to 30% of every muscle contraction. Train with intention, think and activate with each movement. There are 2 areas of your brain that deal with movement -- exercise, alone, will only activate one of these sections, which means if you are just going through the motion and not mentally engaging in the movement, that every repetition of every exercise you do can be up to 30% less effective than it should be.
OK These are your Three Simple Tricks to Diet without actually dieting.
  1. Eat with a focus on nutrients and nutrient density not calories and/or fat content

  2. Exercise less with a focus on increasing your intensity like we do at Fit Body Boot Camp.

  3. Learn to communicate with your body so you are exercising mindfully and with intention. Think and act upon the muscles you want to engage to maximize the results.

At Fit Body Boot Camp we teach you how to combine these three strategies to help you achieve great and Lasting Results. Click here if you would like to try us out on a Free 2-week trial (new clients only)

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