Complete Grocery List + 90 minutes per week of meal prep

Hey Fit Family,

If you are trying to drop a few sizes, but are struggling, the information I am going to share with you today could be the MOST IMPORTANT of anything I’ve ever sent. What if I told you that you could Drop 2 Sizes, feel completely satisfied with the food you are eating and have only 90-minutes of Meal Prep (per week) total. What if I told you learning these tricks and participating in 6-weeks of our program could be completely Free (more on that below)....would you be interested?

Here is the deal....when you are proactive and have all of the tools it is easy (and quick) to know 1) exactly WHAT you need to eat to get results, and 2) make a do-able PLAN to get it done consistently, so that you WILL see great results.

My Drop 2 Sizes Challenge is going to take the mystery out of diet planning for you, once and for all … During the 6-week challenge we give you a complete done for you meal plan for each week designed to get you amazing results. After you finish the challenge you should have the skills necessary to keep making solid progress on your results by planning easy and effective meals that make EASIER TO EAT HEALTHY than in is Unhealthy....let me give you an example of a typical approach for me outside of the done for you plan.

So here it is > Complete Grocery List + 90 Mins / Week of Meal Prep Plan...DONE!

Step 1 – Plan your diet for the week

We need to have a plan (Be Proactive) of what we are going to eat each day of the week, first and foremost. After we have our diet planned out for the week, we need to go out and get the food. Go shopping. The best way is to have a grocery list.

Step 2 – Make your grocery list

Take your diet plan, and make a grocery list. (This is actually included with our custom meal planning program that we will use in the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge​).

As an example, here is a sample of one of my grocery lists to carry me for a few days (when I have it "dialed in"). By the way for my family, I DO have to get more than this for the whole family – it’s myself, my wife, and two teenagers – but for sake of simplicity, I separated out what applies to me.

  • Apples - 6

  • Oranges or Mandarines - 3

  • Grapefruit - 2

  • Blueberries - 1 container

  • Pear - 2

  • Spaghetti Squash - 1

  • Broccolli - 1

  • Fresh/Frozen Spinach - 2

  • Fresh Mushrooms - 4 cups

  • Onion - 1

  • Butter (Real/Grass Fed)

  • Whole Milk (Grass Fed) - 1/2 gallon

  • Greek Yogurt - 3 Plain 2% Fage

  • Eggs - 1 Dozen

  • Tuna - 3 Cans

  • Chicken Breast (free range) - 3

  • Sunflower Butter

  • Apple Cider Vinegar (staple at the house)

  • Olive Oil (staple at the house)

  • Coconut Oil (staple at the house)

  • Jay Lab Pro Protein Powder

Step 3 – Meal prep

Now that the shopping is done, it is time to meal prep!

I do it 2x per week, and it takes me about 45 minutes each time.

Basically I prep up meals for 3 days at a time, each time. Then there is one “free” day per week where I do no meal prep at all, and just eat what I want, within reason or based on what my family wants to do.

I will eat something similar most days, as is outlined here, and then switch it up with some new foods.

Breakfast each day is coffee with a dash of milk, 2-3 eggs with spinach cooked in coconut oil, an apple, and 1/2 of a grapefruit.

(sometimes I will hard boil the eggs ahead of time, this takes maybe 20 or 30 minutes while I’m cooking a batch of dinners. The rest is super easy, and only takes a few minutes to put together.)

Snacks each day are 1) apples / sunflower butter or 2) blueberries with Greek Yogurt. This takes basically zero prep – I just take 2 minutes in the AM, the day of, to put everything in my lunch bag :)

Lunch each day is a spinach salad topped with Tuna, mushrooms, and tangerines topped with olive oil and vinegar. Again, this takes very little prep, maybe 2 minutes in the morning to get together.

Dinner in this example is stir fry chicken and vegetables over spaghetti squash. I’ll just cook a huge batch, enough for the whole family for three nights. It takes about 45 minutes to do this.

After Dinner Snack is usually a pear (or other fruit) and a protein shake.

And there you have it. Healthy meal prep, in about 90 minutes per week.

Now everyone IS different.

You like different foods.

You have specific things you can and cannot eat.

You have to cook for teenagers.

Etc etc etc.

I get it!

BUT! – you CAN make this work for you. The HUGE take-aways are

  1. PLAN your diet, and what you are going to eat each week BE PROACTIVE!!

  2. Do the shopping, get the GROCERIES you need to make it happen

  3. Take the tiny amount of time required to prep your meals and eat properly so that you can reach your goals.

Hope this helps! –

Yours in Health and Wellness

~ Coach Leon

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