Shut It (the FRICK) Down

Meghan is one of our boot campers...she has a particular style you have to read to believe. Meghan has been attending South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp since January of 2017, and despite her 'wit' about boot camp sessions, she loves how it is helping her build strength and functional movement. More importantly though she is opening up about her own personal struggles with MS and what I truly appreciate is her willingness to overcome adversity and recognize that it is up to her to control her destiny. Enjoy! ~Coach Leon

⚠️ Warning - Adult Language in Use ⚠️

It’s time to dispel the rumors and set the record straight--

Something happened recently, and as a result, I didn’t set foot in boot camp for over TWO weeks. TWO WEEKS. Did you notice? Were you worried? Did you wonder where I was??

Contrary to popular demand:

* Coach Leon did NOT revoke my membership (not yet, anyway)

* I was NOT in a time-out for bad behavior.

* I was not in rehab.

* My children did not hog tie me with bungee cords.

* And, while it is true that there have been roughly 1-2 (but NO MORE THAN 57) times where I have shouted some super regrettable, borderline threatening things at the trainers, they have NOT taken out restraining orders against me.

Ok, so, where was I??

I was at home. The shingles got me. F#cking shingles. I’m not even 40 yet, and I got shingles. SHINGLES?!?! What’s next? Osteoporosis, dentures, and a hearing aide?? Total bullshit, and as you can probably tell, I’m still a little bitter about it.

SOMEHOW I can navigate life, teaching, motherhood, boot camp, and very, very basic adulting with MS and a shitty spine that makes Quasimodo look like spry son-of-a-bitch. But, the MUTHER-TRUCKING SHINGLES knocked me flat on my ass. Actually, strike that. Shingles steam rolled me into the G.D. ground, and then backed over me again for good measure. In short, those little bastards got me good.

F#cking shingles.

Initially, I went to the doctor on a Monday night with 4 small spots. The Urgent Care doctor examined me, diagnosed me with shingles, and then advised me to take the week off. What did I do?? I laughed at the doctor. I am NOT taking a week off for 4 tiny, little spots. Shit. I’ll take 2 days off, clean my house, read some books, watch some shows, go shopping, do errands, and have a delightful mini vacation for myself. But, take a week off?? Not happening, sir.

Then all hell broke loose.

I went to bed Monday night with 4 little “polka dots” as my kids called them. By the time I woke up Tuesday morning, those 4 adorable polka dots went APE SHIT. I don’t mean they got a little angry. I mean they went straight-up ape shit, like table-flipping Teresa from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. One minute you’re having a minor disagreement with someone, and the next minute you are having a jailhouse brawl and flipping tables in the middle of a fancy restaurant. That’s kind of what shingles is like…chicken pox on steroids.

Evidently, the doctor wasn’t overreacting when he told me to take the week off. I think he knew a shingle shit storm was brewing. I followed his suggestion and called in sick for the week. I slept. I ate peanut butter cups like it was my job. (DON’T TELL COACH LEON). I watched movies. I slept some more. I did not clean. I did not accomplish anything on my to-do list. I stayed in my jammies, drank tea, and took naps like your 85 year-old great aunt Mildred after an invigorating game of Scrabble. Shingles kicked my ass. HARD.

Last week, I went back to the doctor for a follow up to make sure these mo-fos were done multiplying and wreaking havoc like a bunch of G.D. gremlins. My doctor told me everything looked good and reassured me I’m no longer contagious (in case you were nervous about catching my cooties)

Then the doctor talked about the underlying cause--S.T.R.E.S.S.

You see where I’m going with this??

I am NOTORIOUS for going balls out 28 hours a day/9 days a week (or so it seems).

I wake up early. I stay up late.

I’m running from the moment my feet the floor, and the devil realizes I’m awake: gym, shower, make lunches, wake kids, drop off, work, pick up, homework, volunteering, sports, appointments, bath time, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sleep? Frick no. Maybe 3.5-5 hours/nightly. Why?? Because I’m an idiot, and I can’t shut it down.

I WASTE HOURS DOING NOTHING PRODUCTIVE. I think a lot of us are guilty of this. When you spend your days running on a hamster wheel, sometimes you just want to unwind by watching mindless shit on TV or Facebook.

Thanks to Facebook videos, I can now fold a napkin 10 different ways, name 35 exotic animals that can eat my face off, and make 187 “Tasty” recipes using one pan and a hot plate. WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF?!?!? Napkin folding?? There’s 5 minutes and 18 seconds I’ll never get back. I could’ve spent that time SLEEPING. But, nope. Not me. Instead I’ve fallen into the trap of unwinding with electronics and wasting a metric shit-ton of VALUABLE rest time.

I know my coaches at Fit Body have explained this to me, but here’s what I’m slowly coming to realize (a little slow on the uptake sometimes) on my wayward journey to health--leading a healthy lifestyle IS so much more than just exercise and nutrition, there is a huge component of self-care and self-love that has to play a part. A true healthy lifestyle also encompasses mental and emotional health.

Going 100 mph all the time turns you into a zombie stress ball and overtired zombie stress balls have bodies that decide to rebel against us in weird ways from common colds to adrenal fatigue and lest we forget, shingles.

OK so following the advice of my coaches here is what I am getting out of this...Our health journey needs to be less about the scale and more about our self-care. Exercise and eating well are a big component but we must also recognize that when we take care of #1 first (that's us by the way in case you were wondering) we are better people.

My learning lesson from this experience (and some personal advice to you) ... WHEN NIGHT FALLS, SHUT IT THE FRICK DOWN. Do not spend seconds, minutes, hours doing dumb shit. I promise you, you don’t really need to watch videos on How to Frost a Cake with Your Feet. And, you also don’t need to pin 300 ideas for your child’s upcoming first birthday party. Like the popular children’s book advises--GO THE F TO SLEEP. (A real book by Adam Mansbach.)

PS—If you’re actually staying up late to pin 300 ideas for your child’s first birthday party, you need to squash that shit IMMEDIATELY. I’m sure everyone will love the balloon archway, the handmade decorations, and the adorable theme menu, but, seriously, don’t be that person.

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