The Best Kind of Exercise is.....

The Best Kind of Exercise is.....

There’s a subjective topic if ever there was one.

And I want this post to become something of a myth buster. Work with me here!

When it comes to finding the best kind of exercise - don’t listen to anyone and definitely don’t listen to the infomercials selling you crazy, insane workouts at 2 A.M. in the morning when they know you’re tired and your resistance to their selling is weakened.

These advertising people know how you and I think. They get inside your brain and hit emotional buttons that encourage you to buy. They’re very clever!

Now all these guys are trying to sell you something (and right now I’m trying to sell you on the idea of eating better and exercising).

Which is why everyone claims to have THE BEST fat burning program EVER.

And every gym has “the best fat loss program” from Boot Camp and Combat to Kettlebells and Zumba.

The honest truth is most exercise programs are about as good as a fad diet.

No one really sticks to them.

And the creators know this. They create these products with a shelf life (because there’s a lot of money in making a brand NEW craze next year!)

I’m sounding cynical…

So let me tell you a few hard hitting truths. Then you can go and make your own mind up.

If you really want to burn fat…

If you really want to lose weight…

It is all about creating a negative energy balance.

Let me say that one more time (in case you’re skimming this, looking for a hot tip)…“Losing weight is all about creating a negative energy balance”.

That’s it.

Simply put, it boils down to eating fewer calories than you burn. And that’s it.

That IS the science.....Does it matter how you burn those calories?

Nope, not really.

All that matters if you create a strategic caloric deficit (which is the food equivalent to what the government is doing to our finances)!

If you don’t believe me then have a look at track and field athletes. Does the 100 meter runner look any fatter than the marathon runner? No, they’re both ultra-lean and they both exercise very differently.

Is a soccer player fatter than a swimmer like Michael Phelps? No, they’re both seriously lean.

What they all have in common is energy balance and a strategic plan for the nutrition they have to support the work and training they do.

Neither athlete eats more calories than they spend (nor do they starve themselves). They might look different because their training is different - but they all have very low body fat.

So does it really matter what exercise you do? Nope. Not if weight loss is your end goal.

How you train matters, so think about the muscle mass of a sprinter, compared to that of a marathon runner.

Most people who want to look toned and trim would typically like to look like a sprinter, if that is you then make sure your training looks like a sprinters (ie short, explosive training) and not like a marathon runner (long cardio sessions that break down muscle).

You got me?

I hope this is making sense.

Exercise programs speed up the weight loss because they increase your daily calorie expenditure plus…They stimulate muscles, improve your health and will stop you from becoming one of those skinny, fat people!

So the question you really need to ask isn’t “What’s the best kind of exercise for weight loss?”

The question you should ask yourself is what exercise program are you most likely to stick with and that helps you achieve your specific goals.

It’s all about sustainability, practicality and keeping your training consistent.

It’s important you enjoy your exercise whether it’s hard-core MMA training or the latest fad down the gym. Just keep it up and keep it consistent.

Now I know you might not be happy with my answer.

Maybe you wanted something a little sexier.

Or a secret perhaps?

Maybe something new or undiscovered?

Well the truth is that’s what the infomercials sell.

Sexy, secret and NEW.

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