Do you find your friends' Gym Check-ins...#AnnoyingAF

Do you find your friends' Gym Check-ins...#AnnoyingAF

Meghan is one of our boot campers...she has a particular style you have to read to believe. Meghan has been attending South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp since January of 2017, and despite her 'wit' about boot camp sessions, she loves how it is helping her build strength and functional movement. More importantly though she is opening up about her own personal struggles with MS and what I truly appreciate is her willingness to overcome adversity and recognize that it is up to her to control her destiny. Enjoy! ~Coach Leon

⚠️ Warning - Adult Language in Use ⚠️

Have you ever wondered why certain people, you know the gym-rat friends always post their stupid, dumbass workout check-ins?? OR have you ever wondered WHY, on top of posting their braggy check-ins, your stupid friends add the most annoying, ridiculous hashtags with each check-in??

These kinds of people, you know....the ones who just don’t seem capable of working out without telling everyone about it, are probably the same people who can’t use a public bathroom without taking a GD selfie. Take a minute and think about your list of Facebook friends. You know EXACTLY the people I’m talking about.

P.S. It’s not just the millennials who do this.

Let it be known that I am all for making fun of these sons-of-bitches. I mean, obviously, their primary intention for posting workout check-ins is to drive all their non-gym going friends bat shit crazy and jam up the Facebook newsfeeds. Seriously, Sometimes I think that their #1 goal for posting gym check-ins is to simply irritate the ever loving SHIT out of you. BUT, it’s not the only reason.

There is another reason these "people" aka Facebook harassers post their check-ins is for accountability purposes. They establish a pattern, a work-out schedule, if you will. People take note of this schedule and anticipate it. It’s a lot harder for them to hit snooze, roll over, and go back to bed like a normal/rational 20th century human, when they have their gym friends expecting them to train. (Trust me. The accountability is real. When I missed 2 days in a row, someone offered to Uber me. When I missed 3 days in a row, people called the cops because they thought I died.)

The third reason your stupid, dumbass gym friends check in is to awe you. Like when you see your friend Helen’s 5am check-in you probably think to yourself, “Back at the gym so early, Helen?! La-dee-frickin-da. Hope water shoots out of your nose, and your stupid blue polka dotted leggings fall down.” (This is actually just a guess of what you might possibly think when Helen does her daily, obnoxious, God-awful, early morning, excited about Mountain Climber check-ins.)

Of course, you’re in awe of Helen! You can’t help it. Her commitment to fitness is admirable…and it totally rivals those easy to achieve commitments to nachos, IPAs, and bad decisions. But, at the end of the day, you wouldn’t necessarily be sad if Helen tripped over her shoelaces while attempting burpees OR if she peed her pants just a little while doing jumping jacks. In fact, you’d probably delight in that. (I know I would, and that doesn’t make either of us a bad person.)

Lastly, and the real reason for the check-ins, aside from establishing accountability, bragging a little bit, and awe-striking you, is CHARITY. Did you know that part of the reason your crazy ass Facebook check'n in friends click the button about being at their dumb, frickin gym, they are actually doing something other than simply broadcasting their whereabouts all over FB and making it insanely easy to be kidnapped?? Did you know that with every check-in they are also helping to raise money for different charities?? For real. Every time your pal checks in at Fit Body Boot Camp, she is actually helping to raise money for a charitable cause.

Alright. Confession time. I’m one of these DBs. In fact, I might even be one of the top 10 worst offenders. I am a daily boot camp checker-inner. At present time, I have 206 classes to my credit (WOOP WOOP), and, I’ve probably checked in an astounding (and truly obnoxious) 175 times. I’m not even sorry or embarrassed about it. I am a Grade A, pain-in-the-ass, boot camp check-in ASSHOLE, and I’m kinda proud of it.

Over the last year, South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp check-ins have assisted numerous charities, including, but not limited to: Toys 4 Tots, Give Water, Autism Speaks, Special Olympics, and Marisa’s Mission to name a few. Every time we post a check-in, we are contributing to something bigger and better than our own well-being. We are supporting organizations that will help others. In fact, SSFBBC has raised well over $1,000 in 2017 by check-ins alone. Pretty impressive shit, right?!?

So, some final thoughts…the next time you see your friend, Helen’s, annoying ass-crack-of-dawn bootcamp check-in, do me a favor. LIKE IT. In fact, love the shit out of it. Sure, Helen is clogging your newsfeed with her annoying AF check-ins, but now you know, she’s also supporting some worthwhile charities, too!

Also, if you happen to be one of my fellow gym going buddies, who isn’t checking in, knock-it-the-frick-off. Stop being a lazy a-hole, and start doing your charitable check-ins. You know who you are, and I’m going to start pestering the SHIT out of you until you start doing your daily check-ins. I’m not calling you guys lazy-lazy, just Facebook lazy. Start doing your check-ins for charity FOR THE ACTUAL LOVE OF GOD. Don't forget to hashtag the charity, and, tag Coach Leon, too!!





PS—For the RECORD, so there is absolutely ZERO confusion, I unapologetically check-in to the gym almost every time I go. BUT, I have NEVER once taken a selfie in a public restroom. #EVER.