Age Proof Muscles

Age Proof Muscles

As we age our muscle mass naturally dwindles as nature takes its course. This is a process, called Sarcopenia, which begins as early as 20 and can ramp up to .4 lb loss in muscle each year by 50.

The solution: exercise your muscles well with an assortment of resistance training modalities. Consistency is key – the muscle building benefits of each workout ends after about 48-72 hours. And after about 10 days of inactivity our muscles revert back to the process of Sarcopenia. You have two main ways to combat Sarcopenia;

  1. Build as much muscle mass in your youth as you possibly can so you have more reserves.......or

  2. Build and maintain your muscle mass now.....your quality of life depends on it!

You want to keep challenging your muscles and when you do, your muscles will repay you with ageless strength. If you want to be stronger, more able, more energetic and youthful this year, then consider trying out the Fit Body Forever Program (fill out the form below for your risk free trial). We have trainers standing by ready to change your life today.

Strength is a pretty simple ability to preserve, it is the consistency that takes hard work.

We hope you can join us.

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