Why do I need to weigh in??

Why do I need to weigh in??

There is a Management Saying Inspect what you Expect.

What holds true for managing teams and businesses holds true for you in your fitness journey.

I want to share a quote with you from one of my recent clients. She shared a couple of pictures with me with this statement.

"These 2 pictures of myself were sort of where I decided I was ready to make a change I joined on mothers day and lost 25 lbs in 2 months Working out 5x/week and eating clean."

OK that's pretty cool right. A nice weight loss over a pretty quick period of time.

The thing is, she was kind of mad at me.

She told me (nicely) that I should have "made her do a Fit3D Scan and pictures". She went so far as to say, that I should have "forced" her to do it.

Now, outside of suggesting strongly, that my new clients not just weigh in, but also do a full Fit3D Body diagnostic weekly, I'm not sure how I could have "forced" her.

Here is what I do know. Almost 100% of the time, when someone stays consistent with the program and follows the nutrition advice we give, they regret not doing all the steps that we recommend, including the weigh in and measurement, they regret it.

Getting Results is WHAT WE DO.

Creating Amazing Transformations, one client at a time.

We provide the tools. Amazing 30-minute training sessions. Rock Solid Nutrition Advice. Accountability and Support. Measurement and Assessment. Where will you be 2-months from now?

When you are ready to get the results...when you are ready to use these simple tools and follow the process, we will be here for you.

Why not try us out for a Free Week and see if this is the first step to finally deliver the results you want in less than 2-hours each week.

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