Fit Body Functional

Fit Body Functional

Big news from the Fit Body folks!

We are expanding our program and giving it a snazzy new name.

It will now be known as ‘Fit Body Functional” training. What does this mean?

It means we will still be offering the same, world-class, amazing training to those 57+ years of age and we will be adding in those who may be new to exercise and boot camp, and also those who are rehabilitating from surgery, illness or injury.

Our Functional Training Program is focused on low impact movements that strengthen the core, center of gravity control and balance; movements we encounter on a daily basis. We want our specialized training to help as many people as possible become their best selves. Whether it’s regaining strength, becoming more agile or balanced, getting to a new fitness threshold, we can help get folks to where they want to be.

We all know how important exercise is for us, especially as we age. And let’s face it, every day we wake up we are another day older. As we go through our lives it is absolutely vital to have a solid level of general physical fitness.

As a caretaker to my elderly mother, I see first hand what can happen when one doesn’t exercise. I love my mother very much, but she has it in her mind that she is done with “activity”.

She is 87 years old and no longer wishes to participate in any sort of strength training or aerobic (walking) exercise programs that are offered in her facility. I respect her decision but worry as her leg strength, balance, gait, and endurance all fail. I worry that she will have a fall, which is extremely dangerous as we age. Of course her doctor implores her to stay active to help alleviate miscellaneous health issues, but she gives him a sweet smile and says “no, thank you.” As I say to myself over and over…it is what it is. Of course I would like her to exercise but she’s happy and that’s what matters to me.

Trust me, if you want to stay healthy (think lower cholesterol, stable blood sugar, good bone strength, less risk of falls, better sleep, more stamina and energy, less depression and anxiety, less risk of cancer, and more) then exercise is your ticket!

Know someone who may be interested in Fit Body Functional?

We are offering a fabulous introductory deal which includes 6 training sessions, a functional movement screen (optional), a Fit3D Posture Assessment, T-Shirt and Pedometer for just $49.

Send them in, we would truly love to see them.

Yours in health,

Coach Julianne