How do you stay motivated?

How do you stay motivated?

How do you stay motivated?

Has this question ever crossed your mind?

Motivation is a tricky subject. Some days we seem to be on top of the world......

While others we just want to disappear and melt into the background where no one can see us.

What if we didn't have to rely on motivation to keep us moving?

The good news is, we don't have to. Most successful people don't. Honestly, relying solely on motivation alone to get you what you want is definitely a recipe for failure.

You see our motivation throughout the day, week, or month waxes and wanes.

For those days when our motivation is fleeting, we rely on what we call the 3 S's.


This is the most powerful of the three. Your structure is your environment.

Since this is the second time we are talking about this, think its important yet?

Optimizing our structure virtually takes out the need for motivation. Here is a good example we think you may be able to relate to...The Dreaded Office Break Room!

Most workplaces are health destroyers. Take a moment and think about your break room. How often is there a bowl of bars, birthday cake, or other “treat” in there because your co-workers are trying to be “nice?”

For most workplaces, this is a weekly if not a daily occurrence.

The food that is brought is far from repelling. It practically is asking us to eat it. It hits on all our biological needs: salt, fat, and sugar, and conveniently puts it all in a nice little delectable brownie. Not to mention the peer pressure to "have some" just to be social.

Now, if you were at your desk working you probably wouldn’t leave your desk to go to the bakery to get a brownie. It doesn’t cross your mind.

But, you have to walk past the break room on your way to the bathroom. And, you are doing this stupid challenge where these dumb coaches are asking you to drink more water so you are going to the bathroom a lot.

Now, someone decided to bring in decadent, delicious, gooey brownies to celebrate the best day of the week, Wednesday.


Up to this point, you hadn’t had a single thought of a brownie. Now, you can’t get that stinkin’ brownie out of your head. You decide on your nineteenth trip to the bathroom to indulge yourself and have one… or two.

You tell yourself, “It's just one brownie or two.”

This situation is 100% environment.

Now, one little brownie every once in a while isn’t going to have an impact on your health, but when "once in a while" can soon turn into "every other day". That’s when these “little brownies” start having a major impact on our health and waistline.

All of this is simply the structure of our lives, our environment. You didn’t get up from your desk seeking out a brownie. Well, maybe you did after you passed it a few times, but initially, all you needed to do was use the restroom.

It wasn’t a conscious decision. It was a reaction to a random co-worker being “thoughtful!”

How many unconscious decisions are you making on a daily basis based solely on your environment?

How many handfuls here and there are sneaking into your life?


Systems are the practices and processes we use to get things done.

Remember, not having a system is still a system, just a really inefficient one.

  • Bulk cooking in advance is a system.

  • Laying out your workout clothes the night before is a system.

  • Menu mapping is a system.

Systems help us get what we want on auto-pilot. We just work the system.

Can you set-up any systems in your life to make sure you do the things you want rather than simply relying on motivation.


Scheduling is as simple as putting on our calendar the things we want to do in life.

We schedule our workouts, we schedule our bulk cooking sessions, we schedule our menu mapping, we schedule the important things.

This way we don’t have to rely so much on motivation. It’s on the schedule!

In Conclusion....think about the three S's and how they relate to your life.

  • Can you improve your structure (environment) this week?

  • Can you create some systems to make sure you are efficient in getting things done each week?

  • Finally, can you put some things on your schedule like bulk cooking and working out?

Time to employ the power of the 3 S's. Interested in next steps? Text "getstarted" to 781-808-3450 to learn more about our program and how we can help you with the 3S approach to getting you healthier and stronger today!