Who's the REAL a-hole now??

Meghan is one of our boot campers...she has a particular style you have to read to believe. Meghan has been attending South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp since January of 2017, and despite her 'wit' about boot camp sessions, she loves how it is helping her build strength and functional movement. More importantly though she is opening up about her own personal struggles with MS and what I truly appreciate is her willingness to overcome adversity and recognize that it is up to her to control her destiny. Enjoy! ~Coach Leon

⚠️ Warning - Adult Language in Use ⚠️

There are two kinds of people in this world…gym people and NOT gym people. A few years ago, if I had walked into a gym, you can bet your ass I had either lost a bet OR I mistakenly walked into the wrong establishment. Although I hide it super well (note the sarcasm), I am just NOT a gym person. I’ve NEVER belonged at the gym. I’m uncoordinated as EFF. I fall off equipment. I get tangled. I’m a GRADE-A shit show and, truthfully, walking into a fitness club used to make me uncomfortable, self conscious, and sad.

So, two years ago, when my best friend asked me to do a 6-week challenge with her at SSFFBC, I agreed, but I wasn’t looking forward to it. Secretly, I would’ve rather been duct tape to a chair and forced to watch Caillou for

63 hours. The whole week before we started the challenge, I was a nervous wreck. I wasn’t in a good place physically, emotionally, or mentally. I had just lost my sweet daddy 6 months prior; I didn’t want to go to the frickin gym. Actually, given the option between going to the gym with all sorts of a-hole gym people OR rolling around naked on a fire ant hill, I would’ve chosen the latter. Every day of the week and TWICE on Sundays. I was in mourning. I was tremendously sad and withdrawn. I just wanted to be left alone and eat cupcakes.

Instead, I (begrudgingly) dropped the cupcakes, and I showed up. Andddd, I kept showing up for 6 long.ass.weeks. I avoided ALL eye contact and conversation with those gym people. I attempted the workouts. I only hid in the bathroom occasionally. And I went in every day with the clear objective of trying to blend in (AKA-NOT make a total jackass of myself). Side note…Do you even know how hard it is to blend in when you are the least coordinated son-of-a-bitch in the room??? To put it in perspective- a monkey on roller skates, twirling a fire baton would have blended in better. Truth.

Most of my first week of boot camp is a blur, but the one memory I do have is jump roping (I blocked out everything else from that first week). Yes, you read that correctly….jump roping. I hadn’t jumped rope since I was a young, peppy 21-year-old, fresh-out-of-college, 3rd grade teacher. “Ohhhh, look at me jumping rope; I’m so adorable!!!!”

Well, a few years (and two kids later) I UNDERSTAND why my students’ moms were all glaring at me on Field Day all those years ago. Guess what I discovered?? Jump roping at the ripe age of late 30-something isn’t nearly as glamorous (or as dry) as it was almost 20 years ago. Now, when I try to JUMP over a GD rope, I need to simultaneously clench every body part below my belly button. Otherwise, the flood gates open. For real. I seriously live my life knowing that I am always just one sneeze away from needing a clean pair of undies and a hip replacement from all the tight clenching and maneuvering.

And yet there I was, in the middle of a gym, out of my comfort zone, SURROUNDED by these stupid gym people, trying to jump a GD plastic rope without peeing myself. Awesome. I won’t say I hated every minute because that seems overly-dramatic. Instead, I’ll just say I would have preferred a root canal without anesthesia. But, I didn’t quit. And, I kept coming back. Morning after morning and class after class.

Here’s the real kicker…things shifted. Those a-hole gym people I had pre-judged and totally avoided, weren’t assholes at all. Quite the contrary. As it turns out, I was the asshat for misjudging this entire population of amazing people for no better reason than they intimidated the ever loving shit out of me. As soon as I removed the oversized flashing neon FU sign from my forehead, stopped being antisocial, and ACTUALLY let my guard down, I found my tribe. My tribe is a gaggle of crazy ass mo-fos who encourage me, challenge me, support me, laugh with me, swear with me, and, most importantly, ACCEPT me. These people have become my friends, my family, and without even knowing it, they helped me through the darkest time of my life.

The climate of South Shore Fit Body Boot Camp shocked the pants off of me. I expected to be surrounded by a bunch of mean girls like it was high school gym class. When in reality, walking through the door feels like home. It’s comfortable, friendly, welcoming, FUN, engaging, and full of some of my most favorite people. The trainers and members are a BIG part of why I keep going even TWO YEARS later. Of course I love (to hate) the workouts, but the real draw for me is having a group of people to kick my ass, keep me on track, help me hit my health and wellness goals, and make me laugh when I’m doing it. I mean honestly…what good are burpees if you can’t throw around some colorful language while doing them?!

Can you relate to any of this? If you can, it’s probably time to give Coach Leon a call or better yet, sign up, heck he even has this amazing deal to try it out for 2-weeks for just $10 (limited time offer)...

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