When you fail to see results from diet and exercise

When you fail to see results from diet and exercise

I saw an infomercial the other day for a weight loss solution targeting the frustrated people who, “fail to see results from diet and exercise.” Had to scratch my head on that one.

When does diet and exercise fail?

This, of course, is a trick question. Diet and exercise don’t fail, barring any medical issues / medications that's just not the way our physiology works.

The only way for diet and exercise not to work is if you fail to stick with it long enough for the results to show. I know...we all want the magic bullet to make it all just go away. But you are where you are in large part based on all of the decisions you have made up to this point.

Plain and simple. End of story.

I’ve seen more clients than I can count transform their bodies through the power of diet and exercise. Without surgery. Without gadgets. Without pills.

The real question to ask, when you’re not making progress towards your fat loss goal, is not why diet and exercise has failed you, but rather why have you not stuck with it. Seriously think about it; what choices did you make instead?

How to stick with a diet and exercise plan…

I will not downplay the hard work that goes into focusing on eating real whole foods “most of the time” and exercising regularly, day-after-day, week-after-week, in order to achieve a a healthy and strong body that you can be both happy and proud of.

It takes dedication, focus, energy, determination and a stubborn refusal to quit. It takes making better food decisions, even when your friends are guilting you into just taking a bite.

Make no mistake about it: losing fat is hard work (and unfortunately gaining it is really, really quite easy)!

Which is precisely why so many give up before experiencing the body that they really want to have. The easy path leads to one result and the more challenging path leads to another. Which you choose more often will determine your results.

So, you wonder, why are some people able to stick with the process long enough and consistently enough to transform their bodies while others jump ship after a few weeks?

Here are the four steps to sticking with diet and exercise for the long haul…

1. Mentally and emotionally lock on to the idea of the new, sexier, you.

You can’t causally date the idea of transforming your body. This isn’t a noncommittal, no-strings-attached relationship – you’ve got to go all in, both mentally and emotionally.

Attach yourself to the idea of a brand new you; focus on how you will feel, what you will wear and how life will improve once you achieve your fat loss goal. The stronger your feelings and mental image become, the more likely you are to succeed.

2. Keep the game plan as simple as possible.

There is no need for fancy diet plans or complicated exercise movements when it comes to dropping pant sizes. Keep your game plan as simple and boring as possible, even eating the same meals every day and exercising at the same time for the same length (with varying intensity), until your big fat loss goal has been met.

Until your big fat loss leap has been made just stick with an uncomplicated game plan that works.

3. Plan for the resistance.

It’s naïve to think that your body transformation journey will be all smooth sailing. Realistically you will run into resistance time and time again.

This resistance will come in the form of tempting cheat meals, tired muscles, lazy friends, office parties, food pushers and waning motivation.

But, most powerfully, the resistance will come from inside of you. It’s natural to resist change, and transforming the shape of your body is big change. It is interesting, but we all have an inner rebel in us, for some that inner rebel is super strong for others, a bit more subdued. It is this inner rebel, you know the one that whispers in your ear and tells you that “rules are lame”, and that certainly goes for your nutrition and exercise rules.

Understand the role your inner rebel plays for you; how strong is she? Plan for the waves of resistance. Know that she will be with you through letting you know that this is what all the “cool kids” are eating and that kale is for sissys.

You see that rebel is nothing but a bully attacking your good intentions and sabotaging your results. If you understand her, then you can anticipate how she will influence you. See her coming from a mile away and you’ll be better able to fortify yourself and stand strong long enough for the influence to recede without hampering your progress.

4. Build in accountability.

This is the most important step by far. It is essential to build accountability into your fail-proof fat loss plan. A friend, a coach, or a mentor who has a vested interest in seeing you succeed will save you from throwing in the towel when things get tough. This is a big reason why our program at Fit Body Boot Camp includes Nutrition, Accountability and Guidance Meetings.

The role that I fill for my clients is the accountability to keep them on their path to health and fitness with my support, instruction and encouragement. I celebrate every inch lost and every ounce of new confidence gained.

If you’re not yet one of my amazing clients, then today is the perfect day to begin! Here are two ways to see if we can’t get you amazing results by Summer.

Click the links above or reply back to me at southshorefitbody@in.fitprotracker.com now to get started on your true body transformation story – and let’s show the world how diet and exercise DO work!

Adjust Your Mindset

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