Your check in can save a life (Beat Breast Cancer)

Your check in can save a life (Beat Breast Cancer)

Our FBBC Coach Shannon Burrows, from South Florida, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the young age of 45.

As you would imagine, it was one of the scariest times of her life -- but as it turns out, early detection was her saving grace.

She took a proactive approach to her health -- not just by screening early for cancer but by eating clean and keeping her body strong through exercise.

Shannon is now cancer free with a completely different outlook on life and more of a mission to Change the World!

In fact, Shannon is a living example of how powerful the human body really is...with the support of a healthy lifestyle, it can even beat breast cancer...

This is exactly why we are partnering with Bright Pink during the month of October to help save more lives like Shannon!

With a focus on HEALTH rather than cancer, Bright Pink inspires women worldwide to make behavior changes that can greatly improve their lives.

Through innovative digital tools and simple, powerful lifestyle tweaks, Bright Pink helps women understand their own level of risk and craft personalized prevention plans that make sense for them.

Please help join the fight in a proactive approach to health, by checking into Facebook and Instagram every time you work out with us!

Every time you check in, FBBC will pledge money to help save lives from breast and ovarian cancer by empowering women to know their risk and manage their health proactively.

Our goal is to raise $25,000 through our FBBC united network this month -- and we can do this with your help by checking into FB and IG every session. And when you do, please use the hashtag #fbbcfightsbreastcancer

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Talk soon,

~ Coach Leon