Jillian Michaels - Functional At Any Age

Jillian Michaels - Functional At Any Age

No matter how happy, successful or powerful someone may seem, we all have struggles. And even though there are many different ways to deal with them, we can all use is a helping hand from people who know what we’re going through.

That’s why Jillian Michaels believes she has found success in health and fitness, and why her best-selling books and years on television have connected with so many. It’s because her journey has been filled with pain and doubt.

At the age of twelve, she weighed 170 pounds. She says she never dreamed she would one day be fit. “If I thought I had to look the way I do today I would have completely given up.” Instead, Michaels approached losing weight as a process, in much the same way runners approach taking on a marathon.

“If you’re focused on the finish line you’ll never get there,” she says. “You start by struggling, and then you push a little more, and a little more. It’s that pathway through progress that gives us that sense of pride, accomplishment and self-worth.”

She believes another critical component is honesty, not just with others, but also yourself. “I am not ashamed of my many flaws,” she explains. “I might not be proud of them, but the only way to improve is to accept them. “I mean, when you see how much I struggle and mess up in my life it should help you realize that you are probably doing better than you think.

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That’s where choosing not to focus on the finish line can be a big help. It allows you to use your incremental improvements as motivation and signs of success instead of constantly comparing yourself to your final goals, something she says can be nearly impossible to compete with.

“We all need to jettison the concept of perfection and learn to appreciate progress. That’s how I turned my life around. You can, too.”

So what is Jillian’s takeaway for being Functional At Any Age?

“Search inside yourself to find your true motivation for change. Once you do that, you are ready for action. Don’t expect to always succeed, just commit to keep trying.”

Jillian Michaels has never felt more empowered. What decisions will you make today and this week to be Functional At Any Age?

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