Will Lifting Weights Make a Woman Bulky?

Will Lifting Weights Make a Woman Bulky?

This is a pretty common question I get from many of my female clients. There is a sort of fear around getting big bulky muscles because of lifting weights.

The Thing to remember is that building big muscles is way harder than most people believe. The reality is that in order to build larger, bulkier muscles requires some very specific training and nutrition. Most women simply do not have the testosterone levels needed to pack on large volume of muscle.

Our program at Fit Body Boot Camp will absolutely have you picking up weights, and under the instruction of our personal trainers we will work with you to find the right weight for you to properly engage and force adaptive change. Our program is designed to help you build the long lean muscle that looks great in a strapless dress or pair of jeans without getting bulky.

If you are concerned about getting bulky, remember that a pound of muscle is denser and more toned than a pound of fat. That pound of muscle takes less space and as you add muscle and burn fat you will likely decrease your body measurements.

More importantly that muscle is metabolically active tissue. The more you have the more calories your body burns throughout the day (not just when you are working out.)

So can I lose weight doing less cardio and more strength like you do in Boot Camp?

Using cardio, especially using cardio exclusively, to lose weight is a bit of a myth. In fact, the more cardio you do the more stress you put your body under. As we get older, our bodies ability to manage increased stress (mental and physical) becomes more and more challenging and our stress hormones get more impacted.

And here is why too much cardio is not your friend, with cardio you will typically burn down both fat (that's a good thing) and muscle (that's the stuff we want to keep). Strength training on the other hand focuses on reducing fat while maintaining and increasing the volume of muscle in your body. And as stated earlier, muscle is the metabolically active tissue that delivers more fat burning throughout the day.

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