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Thank you for requesting my ALL-NEW Healthy Snacks & Appetizers cookbook. Here it is!


Personally, I love snacks and I believe they have an important place in our eating plans. In fact, some studies show that the right kind of snacking can actually improve our overall nutrition!

The problem is, a lot of times we don’t plan ahead of time so when we need a bite to eat to hold us over, we end up hitting the vending machine, drive-through, or grabbing a sweet treat from the office snack table. And as we all know, those choices aren’t always the best for our long-term goals.


That’s why I put together this special eBook for you! It contains great ideas for you no matter what you’re craving, plus the recipes are fast and super easy to prepare.


Want a salty and sweet snack?....Try the Dried Plum Poppers.


Something savory....You’ll love the Baked Chicken Wings or Sweet Potato Toast with Guacamole.


Or if you’re a cereal lover you’ll definitely want to check out the Monkey Salad, which is a nutrient-dense bowl of delicious comfort.


Snacks like these can be a healthy part of your regular daily food intake, and they take very little effort or kitchen know-how. Plus, they can be a great way to sneak more nutritious foods into your family’s diets.

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