Let’s imagine going into December feeling and looking your best after a major holiday weekend.. and then let’s stop imagining because it is happening!!


We are GOING to go into December feeling and looking our best!!

This Challenge is geared to make sure you do not regret the holidays in a few weeks, as a matter of fact, it’s designed to help you enjoy them without guilt.

This Thanksgiving, you are going to learn how to manage the festivities with some clean eating the weeks prior to Thanksgiving, and then cleaning it up with a soft “refresh” cleanse the weekend after.


Just by keeping up with your fitness in this challenge, you will keep the calorie burn up. Meanwhile, you will be taking in more calories, which will help to negate some of the excess drink and food.


That alone is going to be a huge difference compared to years in the past.  Don’t worry...we added some cheat days for Thanksgiving and the day after so you can enjoy leftovers :) The goal is to help you enjoy good food, family, and football without setting back your health and fitness.


The key to your success is knowing what to do before and after the Thanksgiving holiday in order to ensure that your “cheat days” are not doing any damage.


This challenge is designed to finish off with a “Clean Up” by introducing the 3 Day Refresh on day 20. This will quickly and effectively help flush out your body in a healthy manner that doesn’t deprive your body and mind of enjoyment.


You have two choices this holiday season:

  1. You can take advantage of all that this challenge has to offer and finally start to feel in control of your health, energy, and focus so that you can feel good about yourself and learn how to successfully get through the Thanksgiving holiday with amazing bounce-back.

  2. You can sign up, not truly stick to the program, and feel the regret of what you could’ve done as you wake up December 1st wondering “what the heck happened!?”


DECIDE NOW!!! Your decision should be easy- you are going to do something above and beyond what you do on a normal daily basis and are going to rock this challenge!!


Some of the daily tasks will seem small and unimportant but they are crucial to your success.


Cool?? Let's get rocking!


Each day, there will be 3 main focuses:

  • Fuel Up - This is your daily nutrition tip, habit, and/or behavior that you are going to want to put in place, not just for this challenge, but for the rest of your life. If you create these habits in your daily life, you will likely keep going beyond the 21 days! Just remember that momentum breeds momentum. If you feel like stopping, just remember how hard it is to restart. Your body and health are counting on you right now!

  • Daily Shred - This is your daily fitness strategy to transform your body and keep it primed like a well oiled machine. The goal is to do Boot Camp at least three times per week (or at home talk to us about options) to ensure your body is building muscle.  This also creates those amazing endorphins that will keep you feeling happy and energetic during the course of your day. ***You won’t be doing a rigorous workout during the last 3-days, as it is important to slow the pace while your body is detoxing***

  • Daily Performance - This is your daily health checklist. These are your non-negotiable actions required in building the lasting habits of a body and fitness of which you are proud. These may seem like common sense, but what is often common sense is not common practice. You will develop this as we go.


That’s it.


It’s simple- just like a busy and strong person wants it.


Work out right. Eat right. Get your mind right. Practice self-care. Lock it into routine. Wake up everyday feeling in control.


Let’s get ready to do this!