What Should I Be Doing Every Week? | ssfbbc

What Should I be Doing Regularly to Ensure Success?

Interview any successful client at FBBC and you will find the following is what they do every week. You don't choose your future, you choose your habits. And your habits choose your future. You only need 4 habits to succeed!

1. RSVP For Sessions

We ALWAYS have time for that which we put first. People succeed because they keep the main things the main things!! By RSVP'ing for your WHOLE week, you prioritize your health. Open your calendar. Pick the days you will work out, RSVP, and then ATTEND!

Don't miss a Monday. Every week make sure you RSVP the Monday! Start the week off right and keep your appointment with yourself!

Don’t wait. Don’t wait until the last minute because sessions can and do fill up to max capacity!


NOTE: You can RSVP up to 14 days in advance.


Plan to attend 3 to 4 sessions per week if possible! Working out when you're sore will usually decrease the soreness faster, so if you can handle it, try to get in at least some kind of activity when you're sore, even if you have to take it easy.  When you go to RSVP your workout sessions on Zen Planner:

✓ If a session says RESERVE, that means there are still spots open for that class.

✓ If a session says WAIT LIST, that means the class is full but you can still get on a wait list. When someone else backs out (who already has their RSVP)... then the Zen Planner system will send you an email informing you that “you’re in” now!

✓ If a session says X FULL, this means the class is full, and the waitlist is full also.


2. Plan your Meals

It’s imperative for you to plan out your meals in the days and weeks to come.  Setting up your meal plan, preparing meals in bulk and identifying where and when your "struggles" will happen will help ensure you are successful in this journey.

And here is the cool thing, when you plan out your meals ahead of time you are being proactive and you don't need to spend extra time logging everything you eat (which is being reactive).  

Now here is one quick tip.  If you find yourself straying outside of your plan, keep a log book for just those situations.  Try to anchor the craving to the events of your day.  Note things like how well you have been tracking to your plan?  Did you get stressed out about something?   By writing it down before you take that bite, you give yourself a pause, you add mindfulness, you assess your reasons why and you make an informed decision. 

When you plan your nutrition, you are helping yourself to:

✓ Bring awareness to how much and what kinds of food you’re eating.

✓ Give you an idea of the calorie intake (we want to make sure you’re eating enough).

✓ Encourages self-control (if you don’t get the point, you will!)

✓ Ensures accountability (accountability = results every Time)


3. Weigh-In and Measure

Weigh in each week to track your progress.  You will be shown how to use the weigh and measure tools so that you can efficiently get your numbers. Don’t be shy, because everyone is weighing in and measuring.


NOTE: Please do not miss warm-ups for your workout session because you are weighing or measuring. You will be asked to stop and join in warm-ups because not being “warmed up” is the #1 cause of injuries. Come EARLY or stay AFTER your session to weigh, etc.  Its best for accuracy to do your body-fat testing BEFORE a workout. Don’t worry! We’ll help you work the Fit3d Scanner.  

4. Progress Reports

Set up a weekly or monthly progress report. This progress report is a fail-safe mechanism to put you in touch with your coaches weekly with valuable information. WE WANT TO KNOW how you’re doing and want to catch up with you in case we’ve missed anything of importance during any particular week. Here’s your link for the report. Just fill it out and click “submit” WEEKLY Progress Report.  Every single report is read and responded to!